What are some good back-links to add to my list

my list is already long, but please suggest more. :smile:

  • List of search engines; Google, Bing, Aol, Yandex, Baidu
  • List of social media, form spring, twitter, Facebook, tumbler, Reddit, Pinterest, My Space, Xat, Youtube, Etsy
  • List of Contextual Advertising, Clicksor, Adwords, Bing, Facebook, Amazon
  • List of Classified Ads; Gum-tree, Craigslist,
  • List of forums; Ozzu, Sitepoint, Webproworld, Blackseo, Warrior forum, Webdesign, Yahoo answers, Digitalpoint

None of that will help you, and posting it here purely to try and get backlinks will end in a permanent suspension (per our FAQ).

I strongly suggest trying to build your site organically instead of potentially spamming as many sources as you can. Google won’t buy into your methods for very long…

strange forum here because most users seem to be moderators. I don’t spam, I use each service for it’s purpose, this forum has review forum for website improvement, social media is for social media etc everything provides exposure none the less. My referral traffic is going on 4000 no paid traffic and it’s been up couple weeks, zero spam. My site is gone from page 6 in Google to page 2. This is a white hat technique.

Except most forums (including here) are nofollow until you reach TL 3. So… there isn’t an automatic backlink.

Yes, we have categories where you can easily ask questions to try and improve your sites traffic, or get a discussion going on the technique you wish to use to market your site.

Marketing, is not for “advertising” here. It is for asking how to market your site (see the category description). Same with Social Media. It isn’t to post your social media pages, but rather discuss how to use social media to gain awareness to your site.

Reviews, literally is for reviews. Simply tell everyone what you want reviewed.

Oh, and I have no problems believing that, but given the techniques you listed, don’t be surprised if one day you go from page 2 to page 20. These techniques usually don’t outlive other techniques that take a lot longer to build up reputation.

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backlink is defined as an incoming hyperlink from one web page to another website the review forum you are allowed to post links if you are looking for advise.By no follow you are referring to SEO not backlinks, this is completely different. I realize that marketing is for marketing advise, social media is for social media advise, but you are implying I am a spammer, which is incorrect. “Reviews, literally is for reviews. Simply tell everyone what you want reviewed.”, maybe my website.

I made the mention that the style feels like “spamming”. As you are simply going to various sites and posting a link back to your site. By definition, that is what spammers do, so it is hard to identify your technique (as an administrator of said sites) from those that spammers use. A different technique would likely benefit you better and get your efforts less likely to be classified as a spammer.

I’m not trying to accuse you of spamming, just offering that to those who administer said sites, you may come off as one (as your technique closely mimics what spammers do).

With that said, I still strongly encourage you to look at alternate ways of increasing your traffic that don’t require going out and pushing your site on numerous other sites.

Also, please indicate how one is to take the following:

As the desire to have a site review done? I’m not trying to berate you, but there is nothing there that says “I would like to hear opinions of my site”. It comes off as an advertisement. “Go here!, so I can maintain my traffic, increase SEO rank, and increase my sales!” (see what i mean?)

Versus: “Please review my site url_here and let me know what you think of the design and its content”

The two sound completely different and the latter better expresses an actual review.

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but given the techniques you listed, don’t be surprised if one day you go from page 2 to page 20"

It’s not against Google TOS, this isn’t link farming. These techniques are very common; posting ads in classified ads, using Etsy and other ecommerce platforms, using social media, helping people on forums to gain exposure. Developing the website from advise I’ve received has been the main contribution to my website. Referral traffic is not bad or good, but this increases the direct & organic traffic.

This is true, I’m just giving you my advice. Take it for whatever you will, but if any of that is done slightly incorrect, it may not end well (just saying).

I agree, but I still stand by you can’t just make it happen quickly. I’ve found through experience, those that grow quickly, usually die just as quickly. Those that grow more organically, tend to keep their position.

Sure whatever you say, but I’m not spamming links. I get organic traffic too via Bing Ads & Adwords Contextual advertising. And Niche Traffic.

I’m a little puzzled as to what you’re actually looking for, because you seem to be saying both that you need to increase your traffic and that you’re getting plenty of traffic.

@cpradio has given you good advice to be cautious of excessive link building. Link farms and the like are not the only things which can get you into trouble with Google.

I strongly suggest you read that article in full. You may be confident you’re not Spamming, but if it looks that way to Google, you could find yourself with real problems. It’s always easier to avoid penalties than to recover from them; just look around some of the other forum threads to see that.

You should also be aware that Google gives far less weight to links which you can easily place yourself than to links earned by having great content or a great product which other sites choose to link to.

I said I have traffic because your not answering the question, you are implying anyone who post links on the internet are spammers. Spam is defined as “irrelevant or unsolicited messages sent over the Internet”

You should know about 4000 traffic in a couple weeks may seem high but it is low if you want to make money, Google can’t find it if it’s a no follow and even if it could I think it would know. For example I answer maybe 100 questions on yahoo answers I don’t post any spam at all, and these people click back to my profile which has a link to my website.

On the other hand back links are good for seo.

You’re missing the point. Google does not care about backlinks, it cares about providing results that searchers are most interested in finding.

The fact that you call it link-building and I call it SPAM is irrelevant, focus on providing content that searchers will be interested in.

You are reading too much into our replies. We simply are stating “if others see it that way”, not that you are. We aren’t trying to pass judgement, just simply saying, proceed with caution.

We are simply trying to give you sound advice to also consider more organic ways of building traffic. That is all. We aren’t saying you are doing it wrong, but rather just relying on this one way could have dire consequences if others, for whatever reason, penalize you for it. If you have multiple ways of building traffic, at least you have other revenues that will hopefully continue to generate traffic if one gets penalized (right or wrong). That’s all.

One common additive is “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. The processes you describe are all fairly similar, so although they are “different types of sites”, they all rely on the same principal: “Link back to your site through a profile, post, ad, whatever”. We are simply saying, look for other ways too that don’t involve back-links.

Does that make sense?

On a personal note: It sounds like you have all of the answers, so I’m not sure why you need/want our help…

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It sounds like you have all of the answers, so I’m not sure why you need/want our help

It sounds like you have no answers, name one backlink you’ve provided? Does this make sense…

Also what others see it that way as spam??? the simple answer is nobody your now calling anyone with Google plus or Facebook profile a spammer. The difference is this is not unsolicited.

And how am I relying on this method since when was this decided. Big companies pay for contextual advertising for the reason it doesn’t directly improve Google rank, but it builds clients who might search the site or type in the domain into the browser as direct traffic.

I also don’t call it link building, but what kind of marketing doesn’t use any exposure. To launch a site you need to tell people about your website, organic traffic is good in the long term and to improve this you need to get direct and referral traffic. Unless there is a fourth type of traffic i am missing.

I haven’t. I’m trying to open you to other venues outside of back links so you don’t place all of your eggs in one basket (said that previously too) :smile:

Stop focusing on this. I’ve tried to clarify my position that I wasn’t trying to say you are “spamming” (obviously not well enough).

You misinterpreted what I said. Look at any large company. They didn’t only use back-links to generate their traffic. As I previously stated, I would recommend other ways of generating traffic as well as organically acquiring back-links. Most of the small to large businesses I’ve worked with in the past have used multiple techniques to market themselves (both on the web and off the web).

Stop thinking about what we said regarding spam. It is purely based on what we’ve seen happen to other small sites/businesses so you can either take our experience on the matter or you can continue to use a single path for generating traffic. But, if something would happen and back links are no longer effective, what else might you do to attract customers to your site? Think of it from that perspective. We aren’t saying something will, we are just trying to get you to think of a backup plan you can put in place now to help you succeed further.

I simply am just replying, but here is the question;
What are some good back-links to add to my list?

hey didn’t only use back-links to generate their traffic.

You can bend everything to suit what your saying but I only know a few that hand out flyers, a few that use the radio. Only some companies can afford tv broadcast. Most small and big companies use direct marketing and submit there links via search engines, contextual advertising, and social media. Back-link cover every form of online advertising, this includes organic traffic submitting to the main search engines. There is no alternative to backlinks unless I were to write my link on paper the old fashioned way and snail mail it to everyone.

Years of experience has taught us that lists of sites for getting backlinks are generally used by people we would describe as Spammers. (I’m not saying you are one, just that this is the general case.) Because we don’t tolerate Spam here, we also choose not to encourage it on other sites, so I’m afraid this is not the right forum in which to look for such lists.

[quote=“cgcgcgcg, post:11, topic:111043”]
Spam is defined as “irrelevant or unsolicited messages sent over the Internet”
[/quote]Indeed - and believe me, on a forum this size, we see a lot of it. We also see a lot of good posts and the difference is clear. All we are doing is reminding you - and anybody else who reads this topic with similar questions in mind - to think carefully how your posts may appear to others.


Did you read the Google article I linked to above, which gives guidelines on things to avoid?

[quote=“cgcgcgc, post:11, topic:111043”]
You should know about 4000 traffic in a couple weeks may seem high but it is low if you want to make money
[/quote]The real issue, if you want to make money, is surely your conversion rate - how many of those 4,000 visitors have ordered your product. Traffic is no use unless it translates into customers. And the best chance of converting is to get visitors to your site who are actually interested in your product in the first place. I would suggest that forum profile/signature links on web dev forums are pretty well useless from that point of view. You want to target those folk who live near a beach and/or spend a lot of time there - surfers, swimmers, beach volleyball teams, etc. Go to the places they hang out and advertise there. Find the local clubs, and ask if you can put up posters. Start small and local, and as you build business, you can ask folk to post reviews on your site, which will add credibility to your product. If these folk also choose to link to your site, then those links will be worth more than any online profile link.

The beachklub with different suffix from mine .cz is my main competition, this is why i need back links.

The putting up poster is good idea, but not for my website. I target beach goers on adwords, bing with 1 cent per click ads, this has low impressions but is still good. The market is social media people, and I’ve tried to design a personal fan page something that will catch attention. I’m not actually focused on Sales only traffic and maintenance, beach pants is a niche, more focused on increasing traffic, so I can implement my info links publisher contextual ads,

The traffic I am getting is quality and there is forth type of traffic I’ve missed organic,referral, direct, and (social traffic), but this was intended to be a niche site for SEO hence what was track pants are now beach pants, the reason it is not converting is not because the traffic is bad it is because the site simply needs more back-links and as a result more traffic. There is someone out there who is willing to buy this product.

I personally haven’t used all the above back links as I, unsure of how to use. But back-link are important as you inherit Google rank for sub-directories you post in, for example simply searching my keyword in google you get a whole lot of other companies back-links posted in trip advisor, yelp, youtube, I need higher ranking back-links simply to get noticed.

I think you might benefit from reading Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide”, as you seem a little confused over some aspects of SEO.

[quote=“cgcgcgc, post:18, topic:111043”]
The beachklub with different suffix from mine .cz is my main competition,
[/quote]That site is not competing with you. There is a chance that folk intending to visit that domain might accidentally type your address by mistake, but there is almost no chance of the opposite happening. In any case, that site is a Czech site about beach volleyball tournaments; anybody arriving at the wrong site will quickly realise their mistake.

Your competition is other companies which sell the same product as you and are targeting the same audience as you. Many of these are large, established companies, and you will need to work very hard indeed to attract business away from them.

[quote=“cgcgcgc, post:18, topic:111043”]
The traffic I am getting is quality… the reason it is not converting is not because the traffic is bad it is because the site simply needs more back-links and as a result more traffic.
[/quote]More backlinks will not, in themselves, guarantee you more traffic. A backlink is simply any link from any site which points back to your site. As I said in my previous post, if you’re aiming to get direct traffic from those links, then you need to concentrate on trying to place them where they are most likely to be seen by your target audience, not just by a random assortment of people.

I would strongly advise you at this early stage to concentrate on adding quality content to your site, so that those who do visit are encouraged to look around and come back again, rather than just click away and never return. Most of the sites offering beach pants are large stores which sell all types of clothing. Emphasise the fact that your site is specifically for beach pants. Add articles about beach activities - a directory of surf clubs or rowing clubs - a place where folk can post comments about their favourite beaches - something that will make your site stand out from the crowd.

It’s the content of your site which is of the greatest interest to the search engines. The more high quality content you have, the better your site will be rated - and the more it will appeal to human visitors, too.

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There is a chance that folk intending to visit that domain might accidentally type your address

There is a high chance, they use to own the domain, it expired recently and I purchased it. “(wikipedia.org - Google interprets a link from page A to page B as a vote, by page A, for page B.)”, I’ve noticed on previous sites just by chance a forum post on a popular website can easily outrank many other sites for a keyword.