Back linking problems

Every time i ask why i don’t have good traffic i get a lot of answers:
-i didn’t optimize my website for SEO
-No back links
-add website to social networks
-Get great content
Well i did everything i could do for optimizing my website but i didn’t get any result! For back linking,i tried to exchange links with others but it was useless.Then i asked how to get back links they said forum posting,and i got a big list of forums. Many of those forums don’t give you a do follow link!

Next step was the blog commenting! You never knows if they gonna approve your comment or simply put them in the trash!
Buying links…oh no Google will penalize your website!!!

So let us move to social networks! I have 370 follower on twitter,i never get 1 visit from twitter!
Facebook is worst!

Get great content,i did using guest blogging and till now iam happy to see 1 or 2 visitors/ day!

Is there anyway to get links i mean quality links? please if you want to answer my question tell me in details what should i do! Iam sick of the general answers which all of us know!!

Some sites have a lot of links pointing to them. I often link to sites—and yet they never ask me to! So why do I do it? One reason only: they have really useful content on them. So provide something really useful, then tell people about it via Twitter etc. If you don’t get a lot of links over time, the content is probably not as useful as you think it is. There’s lots of competition out there, so don’t expect it to be easy.

[FONT=verdana]I’m afraid all the suggestions you listed are fairly useless.

Forum postings: If you only post in forums in order to get back links, your posts will be considered spammy, and will have no value in the eyes of either the search engines or forum members.

Ditto with blog commenting.

Buying links: In fact, Google will penalise the seller, not the buyer. Nevertheless, purchased links are generally not considered high quality by the search engines. If you were willing to spend money to promote your site, you might be better advertising it through AdWords. But that’s unlikely to be worth the cost, unless your traffic is particularly valuable.

Facebook and Twitter: I agree with you.They don’t provide any value in terms of what you are trying to do.

Guest blogging: Rather than spend time writing posts for other people’s blogs, you should use the same time and effort into writing new content for your own site.

Finally, you ask for specific answers rather than generalisations. The only way we give you specific advice is by looking at your site in detail. It’s not possible to be specific in this type of forum discussion because we don’t know anything about your site or what you are trying to achieve with it.

The best thing you can do is to follow Ralph’s advice. Instead of worrying about back links, focus on producing the best possible site you can. Write top-quality articles that will be relevant to your target audience. Keep it up to date and fresh, and engage with your audience through feedback and discussion. If you do that, you will have a site that people will want to link to. Getting back links for their own sake is not the goal.


Thanks alot for answering. I thought in order to get attention from search engines i have to get quality back links to my website! So people who are looking-in my case for web hosting services-will find me between the first 10 results,then i will get more and more traffic to my website!

Please let me know if i am wrong! How can i promote my content without getting links to that content? The keywords are not important anymore ! Adwords can be expensive way and not sure how successful it will be! So if i don’t have link, no keywords for that content how can search engines find me and give my website a good place in search results?

Just trying to understand the right way of promoting my website content!

Thanks again for helping

Try analyzing your competitors backlinks, you should be able to start figuring out what theyre doing.

The fact is there is no step by step guide to SEO that is always going to work, there are some that will work for a while and then start to drop.

If you do some research you will find sites with terrible on site seo ranking for no.1, you will see sites with horribly spammy backlinks ranking as no.1.

Create quality content and then promote it through social media. The more traffic you can drive to your site yourself, the more google will think your important.

And as for forums, they may be no-follow but if you provide helpfull posts to your community, you may well find people from that forum visit your site to see if you have any other usefull posts.

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You have chosen an extremely competitive market to run SEO. It would take many months or even years of hardwork if you want to rank on the first page for highly searched keywords related to web hosting.

Your best bet will be to find long-tail keywords that get a good amount of searches and do not have a lot of relevant results when you search in Google. You should then write informative blog posts about these topics that are more relevant and helpful than what Google was originally providing so when people search for these keywords Google will want to show them your site.

Post your links to sites that are related to what you are promoting. That way, you will be able to target the right people. And you can always buy real twitter followers to have a larger audience to your tweets and links and more chances of promoting them.

I used to have a site that sold Twitter followers, Facebook fans, Youtube views, and “real” targeted web traffic (alexa and regular). I want to go on the record saying I was a reseller taking advantage of a market I saw as potentially profitable

All of that stuff is BS. It would be impossible to determine how many people would follow you if they were using legitimate tactics, and it would cost a hell of a lot more if it was real.

It is either robots or someone’s hacked account/computer. Its good if you need to impress someone, but it won’t benefit your website in any other way.

I’m not too sure if your query is about getting links or getting traffic so i will deal with the getting links part as that’s what i do.

Getting links:

The simply reality is that in the modern competitive world - the one sure way to get links is to BUY it. Period. This is technically against the Google TOS rules! But that’s what happens. And the reason is that it improves your ranking which in turn might help you generate organic traffic if you are sitting on page one for example.

I explained in another posts that if we lived in a ‘UTOPIA’ land then all you would do is post great, engaging content - promote it using PPC/social media and the links will come. unfortunately we don’t live in this type of land.

There is however a third option when it comes to getting links in the real world - and that is to create it yourself! Build your own high pr networks and link to your sites.

hope this helps :slight_smile:

Now if this query is about Traffic - that’s whole kettle of fish. - i have found out that the two BEST ways to drive (relevant/targeted) traffic to your website is:

  1. Affiliates

Hope this helps

I am agree with your problem like -
you don’t get back links from own website. Therefore, you need some off-site activity like article submission, classifieds, top bookmarking site, local business listing etc.

In whole activity you need used fresh content for article submission, classifieds, bookmarking etc.

Thanks for sharing your ideas about back linking. I need a real free SEO analyzing tool that can show me if i’m doing something wrong (on page optimization ). Please let me know if you have tried such a good SEO tool.


Here are 50 ways to get backlinks I put together.

Do all those. Blog posts. Forum posts. And add your site to every directory. Every bookmarking site. Every social site. And in page seo your site.

Ps ps. You mention you want quality links. I’d post a link but prob get it removed because im promoting even though I’m giving you the answer which is asinine. Sorry if the answer happens to lie on my site. You need to have backlinks on high PR sites. You can find that via a search

Yes long tail. Anytime you make something. Name it exactly how people would search it.

And… Get a good Alexa ranking. Just google how. It’s f-ng stupid I know

SEOMoz’s software would work for what you need. Its not free, but I think you can run a couple of free reports to get an idea of where you can make adjustments.


Please don’t, without checking Google’s guidelines first, as some of the suggestions are in violation of those guidelines.[/FONT]

the above website is a good place to start, but what i want to know is why does every tool you use to count backlinks show different amounts?

Prop cuz they all use different software

Forum posting - it is helpful when you post to related thread and make people pay attentions to your discussions. Let them know you are an expert on your business.