Google Page Rank

Does traffic volume influences the site/blog’s “Page Rank”? How to increase Google page rank? thanks for advice and tips!

Which means in brief: no direct traffic (HTTPS, bookmarks,…)

Exactly, all they have to do is to check all the backlinks (inbound and outbound links).

Another incorrect post stated as stone cold fact. I notice someone else picked you up on this but you’ve done a vanishing act like every time you get called out on something.

PR includes a ‘decay factor’ otherwise the system would end up recycling infinite PR.

Yeah, a lot of people do this. There seems to be a feeling that the old style link PR is slowly morphing into an overall ranking score, like a page authority score or something.

ROFL The content of your page has nothing to do with PageRank. It’s a measure of LINK POPULARITY!

And there is a huge difference in PageRank (what the OP is asking about) and your “page’s” ranking in the SERPs.

I agree with everything Felgall said except

Actually… Less PR is passed out than is passed into a page. There is something called the damping factor that causes PR to decay a little bit with each “hop”. This damping factor is the reason that 301 redirects “leak” a little PR. If you think about it, a 301 redirect basically changes the redirected page so it’s like it has one outbound link… the target of the redirect.

If you want to read up on it, I’d suggest reading The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine (the whitepaper from Larry Page and Sergey Brin, cofounders of Google, written while at Stanford - See Section 2.1) that became the blueprint for Google. It describes this damping factor as causing approximately 15% loss in PR.

This damping factor value has likely changed over the years, but is almost certainly still part of the formula since it was put there to model “the probability at each page the ‘random surfer’ will get bored and request another random page” instead of clicking on a hyperlink on the page.

And as CBP said… there is one way to increase PR: Increase the number of inbound links… specifically inbound followed links. PageRank is after all a measure of link popularity.

depends on how much high PR sites linked your site.

On site and off site SEO should help you with that as well as link bulding

Care to explain how “on site” actually helps PR?

Any link will increase the PageRank (PR), relevant links will have a greater effect on the ranking of the page than an irrelevant link.

Where are so many people getting all their misinformation to post in this thread?

based on my experience high quality backlinks that are relevant to your site niche is a way that increase page rank of your site

I do not know of any SEO who is guessing at what gives a better PR. The only thing that give a better PR is more links. What is guess about that?

What an absolute load of nonsense. Where are you getting this information from? Traffic volume has NOTHING to do with rankings (let alone PR, which is totally based on links) and you are clearly confusing Page Rank with the ranking of a page.

The Google page rank wrapped with a lot of factors. It is not easy to get a higher page in Google. The major PR consideration Google doing is the back links from trusted sites i.e how other sites are voting to you, it is mainly a voting system and how you performing well in your category. Well, other high competitors are linking to you all these will affect Google PR. The traffic volume also will affect your PR, Google understands that people is interested to see your site, so automatically they think like you have some thing quite interesting to show that others do not have. so higher traffic volume will matter. But the traffic source also matters, because they will check from where you are getting all these traffic, is it from trusted sources or did you pay money to anyone like link farms and all to send traffic to you and this tactic will decrease your PR

Not at all, it really doesn’t matter how many pageviews you have.

This is not necessary to collecting relevant back links always for improving PR of the pages.To improve PR of the pages back links are necessary doesn’t matter they are relevant or not but yes if back links are coming from good PR pages is good.

If you want to increase your Google Page Rank for your websites so build more and more quality back link with your site so you definitely gets better improvement with your websites.

  • Site Structure : Internal and external link building structure is important. There should be proper navigation so that it can be easily crawled by the search engines.

  • Quality of the site

  • Backlinks : It can be achieved by forum submission, directories submission, articles submission etc.

  • Website Aging : New sites and links are not given the same weight as old sites. Purchase clean, keyword strong aged domains to get immediately ranked.

  • Incoming Links : Good quality incoming links from popular sites and PR of those sites improve your page rank.

  • Keywords : PR is also improved by the keywords that other sites use to link your web page.

  • Social Networks : Social networks helps to target more audience.

  • Optimize all the images in your websites.

  • Social Media sites like digg, reddit, stumbleupon etc improves your page rank, since google considers social voting systems to evaluate PR.

Hope these helps!!!

Page rank is all about the quality, it can be a quality of website, its unique content, its link popularity, user friendly layout and dofollow links in authority website. So if that’s all good you gonna get some Page Rank as well.

Well explain and fully elaborated, this things keep confusing in these past few days. But i guess google didn’t give the exact formula on their algorithm process that is why a lot of SEO Specialist still formulating a strategy every now and then [somewhat like guessing what things will do better to get the high PR].