Exclusive Google Page Rank Update On Nov 2012

I have been waiting for this moment yesterday ! Google has updated PR update for November 2012. And my seo blog rank goes down to zero.
I really don’t know why it is happened !!

wow…really…but none of my website’s page rank have got any page rank update. May be it will be reflected in the coming days when the page rank is completely rolled out…

Yes, the page rank update not really updated yet, but how my blog got penalty it is concern.

I haven’t taken any notice of PR for years, as it seems to be irrelevant now. Anyhow, from memory, it can sometimes take a few days for the update to be processed, during which you can appear to have a zero rank. Give it a few days … then take another look.

Who cares? PageRank is of virtually no significant at all. What matters is where your site appears in the search results and how many people click through. If it’s high up and gets lots of clicks, great. If it’s low down or people skim over it to the next result, you’ve got problems. Anything else is just fluff.

Page ranking is a consideration of google and other search engines. But PR itself would not bring enough traffic. The most important aspect is traffic. If the blog is not visited by the public what is the benefit with.

Yes! that is the point after all every website needs pure seo and bulk visitors.

Sorry but i didn’t see any pagerank update (in Nov 2012) so far. Where do you check yourpagerank?

There used to be a Google toolbar that had a little icon that would show PR for each page, but it seems to have been dumped. There seem to be lots of sites on the web that check your PR for you. If you Google “page rank checker” or something like that you will find one, I’m sure.

While PR may be a useless feature now, funny how everyone still says to get links from high PR websites.

That’s true after Matt Cutts panda & penguin updates, there is no meaning left of page rank, but page rank also a variable to show your website trust worthy

PR is only for search engine closely relative list, but traffics is the main for a business.
But still i didnt see any update of PR by Nove, m waiting too just for mentally satisfaction , otherwise am focusing more on traffic only.

“Everone” and “they” say a lot, often in a very load manner, and equally often it is mainly or even complete nonsense.
Most of my pages have pr=0, but come up solidly as #1 in the serp for any related keyword combination.

sandegownc still makes a fair point, though, which raises the question: does a link to your site from a high PR page still have greater value than a link from a low PR page (assuming all else is equal)?

As Google is all about “quality”, logic dictates that a link from a “8-quality” site is more important than a link from a “1-quality” site.
But… a link from a “1-quality” Belguim site about dolphins to a Belgium site about whales will be more important than a link from a “8-quality” site vvvvvv.big-boobies-for-boys.co.us to the Belgium dolphin site. Relevance is becoming more important, and most of the links from “high pr sites” that are fore sale, are of no relevance at all, and will therefore do little to boost the serp position.

On top of that, both pr and link imporance are on the decline and the import of the question is more theoretical than practical. Several of my pages with pr=0 and 0 backlinks, still rank top in serps, purely due to relevance and content.
Pr and artificial backlink strategies are old hat and are not worth spending time on unless you have a budget that allows to squeeze out every last tenth of a percent of seo juice.

How you can do it ?? can you share with me, please

I didn’t know there’s a latest update in page ranking. We have this site with a low ranking, but we still manage to get some decent visitors and some we convert to buyers. I think it’s driving traffic and converting them that’s more important.