Why still my page rank "zero"?

Maybe Google does not yet made an updates that is why your PR is still zero or maybe you don’t have a good and quality backlinks for your site.

As long as you have a 0 page rank, you are fine. If you have no rank, then you are in trouble.

Of course, with the traffic you are getting, you are probably doing just fine. The rank will come eventually.

why are you so worried about your PR? Traffic doesnot depend on PR. just work on quality content work. do some natural link building for your blog.

Try and do some housekeeping on your backlinks. Maintain the quality ones and drop the spammy ones, also known as your bad neighbours.

So google only updates PageRank every few months ?

  1. link building on your site (on page and off page)
  2. update your content regularly
  3. build backlinks

I think you have misunderstood about PR. It indicates how many quality backlinks you are getting from relevant sites with higher PR than you. There is mo direct relation between the traffic you are having and the PR you are qualified for. You can hardly tell. So just keep on building quality backlinks.

Page Rank is calculated on the basis of the quality links we are getting for our website…

Before, it was due to backlinks. Not anymore. G has changed the rules. I have always wondered why a site of mine is PR3 with no backlink whatsoever. The answer: update of fresh content.
Indeed, since I’m updating some content on the homepage, it raise from PR0 to PR3. I change the content regurarly, like every week. It still has no backlink.
I have another one that is PR1 with change of content from syndication. No backlink either.

I agree with cody, fresh and uniques content is the best way for increasing the PR. However, getting some dofollow links from high PR pages could help you a lot.

Gotta get backlinks to increase the pagerank, but page rank is not the most important component. You have to have traffic and that may not directly correspond to pagerank.

Try not to be too concern about Pagerank.

You should be concentrating on your content and traffic. That’s where the money coming in. In time to come, your Pagerank will increase as you build up your site when traffic are building up as well.

PAge rank Depands on THe Quality backlinks.
if u r having 400 visitors that does not mean that they link u .
so make quality back links for you blog.

& wait for next updation of Google.

If you really want to increase PageRank then you will need some backlinks for other PR sites that already have PR 3 - 8. That way, you can increase your PR.

Yes and No.

The PR you see is the PR when Google last updated its PR scores. PR changes weekly or daily, we just can’t see it. So if you have a PR0 today, it might be already PR2 and you just can’t see it.

maybe the number of dofollow blogs with high PR is too little. You need to get more dofollow and high PR sites to have at least increase your current PR0.

It took me close to 6 months to get my pagerank up to one and it will usually only change every 3 months.

used to have PR4 a couple of years ago, then I got mega spammed and i guess google slapped me for linking to bad neighbourhoods and now have PR0 ever since. :frowning:

fixed the spam problem though!

Everything that needs to be said has been said.

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