Why is Analytics mis-coding direct traffic as ORGANIC?

About 10 days ago, I searched for this very specific text string that appears on my site: “is more than just snappy uniforms and matching luggage”
Sure enough, Google returned only a single page result (mine), because it’s obviously a very specific text string, and I clicked through to my site from that results page.

Naturally, drilling down in Organic Search Traffic in GA that day showed the above search string as one that generated a visit to my page. Makes sense so far.

But here’s what seems to make no sense: Nearly every day since then, that same search string shows up in my Organic Search Traffic report. WHY!?? That strings was only searched for once back in early February, so I understand why it would have shown up on that one day…but now nearly every day GA is apparently telling me that someone is finding their way to my site via that organic search string. There’s obviously no way it’s anyone else searching for that because of how unique it is. So for some reason – and this is what I want to understand – Google is classifying my own visits to my site each day as “organic” (which is itself erroneous) and moreover are attributing them to THAT search string (the one that I used only once 10+ days ago!?) See the screenshot below from today’s GA. Why is that search string still showing up 10+ days after the only time it actually led to a visit??

I have shut down my browser, and restarted my computer several times since then. So why does GA still attribute my own visits to my site to that one search string, even though I only used it 10 days ago? Every time I just type in my site’s URL directly, the ‘visit’ count for that organic string goes up by one. WHY?

Could be a cache error.

Clear your cookies and cache.

You can also ask the Google support for this.

I will be very interested in getting a answer to this.