Google Analytics Shows zero searches for all Organic traffic

My Google analytics shows zero traffic for organic traffic (Google, yahoo and Bing)… GA showing data for all paid services… What will be the reason???

Check Filters…they may be some filters activated that is filtering out the organic searches

Thanks For your reply. But I didn’t add any filter in GA.

All the URLs are indexed in google.
No message in Google Search console regarding this.
We are ranking in Top position for targeted Keywords.
We can see Paid analytics in GA.

Any more idea prateeksha ??

Are these the paid services that appear at the top of serps above normal results?
Could that be why they are getting all the clicks over organic results?

GA show zero traffic. However paid ads appears above the organic result, how GA shows zero traffic Sam. !!!

For your ref: See the Google/organic image

Have the paid ads always been there, or did you start them recently?
What I mean is, did you start the paid ads, then the organic traffic stopped?

Not like that… We are running paid campaign for more than 3 months.

  1. Check the GA code…if the correct code is displaying on the website.
    You can use “view source” and check that

Sometime it is not copied correctly, or a bracket here and there is missin. If so then script does not work. So copy it again

  1. Check if ALL the pages are using the same code.

  2. Test the website in GA. See if any users show in Real Time dashboard

  3. Create a new account…and use the GA code

  4. In filter, check if you are filtering by Country

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