Organic traffic or direct?


I have seen a number of direct visits to my website but it is a fairly new site so no one should know of it.

Could it be the organic hits are showing as direct for some odd reason? Can people block google and appear as direct traffic??


There are three types of traffic: Organic Traffic, Direct Traffic, and Referral Traffic.
If someone searches your domain in Google and visit your site that is direct traffic.
Your site is new but if it indexed in Google anyone can visit your site.

That’s not how Google defines it.

In your Analytics reports, you’ll see some of the same entries come up again and again in your data tables. In the last Back to Basics post, we learned about ‘not set’ entries – this week we’ll learn what it means when you see ‘direct,’ ‘referral’ and ‘organic’ under the Sources column in your reports.

  • (direct)[(none)] - Visitors who visited the site by typing the URL directly into their browser. ‘Direct’ can also refer to the visitors who clicked on the links from their bookmarks/favorites, untagged links within emails, or links from documents that don’t include tracking variables (such as PDFs or Word documents).
  • [referral] - Visitors referred by links on other websites. (Links that have been tagged with campaign variables won’t show up as [referral] unless they happen to have been tagged with utm_medium=referral. )
  • [organic] - Visitors referred by an unpaid search engine listing, e.g. a search.

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I had a similar dilemma. I had lots of direct traffic for a site that should have mostly organic traffic and I never understood what’s going on there.

As MunnaHossain said it can happen that if your site is indexed in Google, any one can visit it.but yes it is also possible that sometimes your referral traffic and direct traffic mixed up,so it shows unbelievable amount of direct traffic.At such time you can use UTM code,So that you will get proper amount of your traffic.

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