Why google shows different titles and mega description?

I have a web shop, which contains 100 products, each product is one page.
Each page has a unique title, quite long. When I search the long title, I can find some page on google page one, however, many of them shows only the homepage url and homepage titles and radom description, rather than the actual page title, url and description.

I also did, “long key word” site:mywebsite.com from google, same result, number one show my homepage homepage url and homepage titles and radom description.

Any one can tell me why has that happened and how to fix it, so that each product will show.

I know the fact that someone has copied my website, exactly the same, and blasted the new site, which is about 3 months. Will this be the reason?
How to fix it? I don’t have any idea.

I haven’t tried to put my real website url here, I don’t know if I am allowed to, so that you can analyse it. I can tell you the copied new website url as well.

I really need your help. Hope someone can help you sort out above problems.

Yes, you can.

OK, the website is www.ciscc.com

one of the strange page is

if you google disney 132 dvd site:www.ciscc.com
it doesn’t show my real title which is <title>Disney 100 Years of Magic UK | Disney 132 DVD | Walter Disney DVD Collection</title>

and doesn’t show my real description.

They are many other pages are like these, please could you tell me how to fix it?

If I google the search terms you suggested, I get a different page on your site, with a different title. But the title that shows in the Google is the exact title of the page. It sounds like Google is not displaying the page you think it is.

Seconded. When you type a URL into Google, the #1 return is not always the page with the URL you searched for.

(That’s why it’s better to type a URL into the address bar, not into Google…)

what term did you search for?

disney 132 dvd site:www.ciscc.com

Did you try the above one, which should be showing the following url


but it show only the homepage url which is http://www.ciscc.com and homepage’s title.

Do you get me now?

You should submit your site on google, when it will crawl and index by google it will show your original information, so you should submit your site on google and wait for some time

It’s all very well to say that it “should” return a certain page at the top of the results, but that’s Google’s decision to make, not yours. The title and description are correct for the page it is linking to. Now you need to make sure that all your pages are indexed and that there are suitable links to all of them to enable Google to return the best match for each page.

google returns what it thinks is relevant to the user not what you think. If you think the page is not showing up for the proper term then you should go about giving the page more relevance for that term