My site has a different name when doing a google search

I have a strange problem. I have a site ( that has a title tag of “Word of Life Christian Fellowship”. When I type in the keywords “spirit filled churches in henrietta, ny” into google, this site comes up but has the title of “amoxycillin for sale”. There is nothing about amoxycillon on the site. The google link goes to the right site. Also a friend of mine who has an rss feed to the site says that the title to his last couple of feeds had the amoxycillon title as well. It is a wordpress site and is using version 3.3.2. All plugins are up to date. Any ideas?

It sounds like you’ve been hacked, to be honest. You’d probably better investigate your server to see what’s happened, and ideally, change your passwords and revert back to a backup version. This can be a bit of a trial, I’m afraid.

I did not found anything wrong with SERP.

Your site might have been hacked when Google was crawling that page. Run a scan to make sure that your site isn’t hacked otherwise people will not go to your site with that title. After you’ve cleaned it up, it might take quite a while for Google to crawl your site again so you’re going to have to wait quite a bit.

hello weddon … today i have check your website in google …now your website is ok…