Weird google listing


I have something weird:

I never updated some pages on my site, last time everything looks great and i just get something weird.

Ex: My title page is “Mustang Parts” but on google my page tittle is different “Mustang Parts - Title of Homepage

Also, on google…all of my pages dont have description. we only have title and url appears on google.

What is the problem? is there someone else has the same problem?

Thanks in advance.

I’ve just searched for “mustang parts title of homepage” and the only result is this thread right here. Are you still getting the same problem? If so, let us know the URL of your site and we can do some digging.

What’s the problem … apart from the lack of Doctype, the fact that the <html> element is closed and then re-opened after the <head>, there’s a second empty <head>, and the 350 other errors? My guess is that Googlebot is just so confused by that complete and utter awful mess of invalid spaghetti code that it’s just guessing. If anyone gave the author of that page the time of day they were over-paying him…

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Steve, try search “tail lights” and you will see

title on google is Euro Tail Lights - Andy’s Auto Sport Body Kits - …

and the title of page is Euro Tail Lights, Factory Tail Lights

Also, no desc…any idea, what is the problem?


Put the URL into and you’ll see… To be fair, most of them are missing “alt” text, which while not allowed won’t actually be responsible for stuffing up how your page appears in Google, but some of the serious structural issues could well be behind that.

As a general rule, if things don’t come out as you expect them to, run your page through the validator. Sometimes you might be able to fix the errors yourself, sometimes you might not understand them, in which case come back here and ask for help in fixing them. But it’s amazing what bizarre problems can be solved by fixing an error that looks totally unrelated!

Is it registered at DMOZ. Doesnt this sometimes decide what is displayed. You might have reg’d years ago, but only now got in :slight_smile:


Thank you for your help. yes i saw the problem.

Anyway, what is the “350 other errors”? and where is the “350 other errors”?

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Google reserves the right to change the Title and Description for a site in their search results. They have been doing so for about a year now.

This normally only happens when the title and/or description are either malformed or completely irrelevant to the page that they belong to.

More reading:

DMOZ listings can sometimes be used as the snippet, instead of the <meta name=“description”> text, but I’ve never heard of them changing the title before…