Google showing its own title in search result

I am working on the one site. When I check its ranking for one particular page google showing its own title. All other pages showing title what is in meta title but only one page showing its own title. That particular sentence is present in h1 tag but why it is appearing in search title, Could not figure out. Description is showing proper what is mention in meta description. What could be reason and how to solve this?

Although Google usually uses the contents of the <title> tag, they do not guarantee to do so. If they detect issues with the tag then they will attempt to find other text on the page to act as a title to the displayed snippet. For a more detailed explanation, see

Was the title there from the very beginning or you updated it later? In other words, what was the meta title at the time when Google first indexed your website?

Try to update both title and h1 and re-submit this URL to index.

@ TechnoBear thank you for reply, that video really help. @ E.lephant no i have changed title and page indexed too.

Add the following code to the homepage header

<meta name=“robots” content=“noodp”/>
<meta name=“robots” content=“noydir”/>