Why does Insights highlight this as an error?

Does anyone know why the Pagespeed Insights tool is flagging “Preload the render image of the largest element with content” as an error, as seen in the attached screenshot, if the predicted potential savings are 0 ms?

The message seems perfectly clear. What is it you don’t understand?

I think the question is why flag it if it would save 0ms. To wit i believe the reply is that its flagging it so that if the largest elements on the page (the images) are being dynamically loaded (i assume its detected that this image isnt part of your source file), that while this image might be 0ms, a different one loaded dynamically in its dpot may not be.

Exactly. In principle, this tool analyzes the website to identify issues, and in the specific performance section, it’s supposed to display as errors the elements that slow down the website loading, thus indicating the potential savings in milliseconds if corrected. But if the variation is 0 ms, it’s surprising that it detected it as an error. It would make more sense if the potential saving were at least 1 or 2 ms, right?

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