What is the importance of core web vitals in SEO on Wordpress Website

My website speed is very low. When I try to check on Google speed insight it is very low. I want to improve it Please tell me about core web vitals and speed improvements
Thank you !

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So what does the Google page you used to check your website tell you is causing the slowness?
Cause… it’s not like they just put up a page that says “Its slow”.

Hello, as far as I am concerned, I use Asset CleanUp: Page Speed Booster (to select the CSS and JS essential for each of my pages) with Wp-rocket (premium plugin 60$) or LSCache (see with your hosting company). And I have very good results !

Please give us the specifics of Google speed insights and we’ll help you with the steps.

For instance, if you have a picture on your web page that is shown at 500px width, but you uploaded that picture at 1500+px width, then that’s a huge problem. Upload pictures at the similar size you will be displaying it, not 2x or more its size. Check your photo sizes—this problem is a very common one for slow sights.

Let’s solve this topic by giving the experienced Guide:
1- First of all check the images files whether these are in WebP or not, if not then convert the all images into WebP now.
2- Use EWWW Image optimizer for the top loading because inappropriate images takes lot of time to lead which causes lower speed of overall website.
3- Use Asset Clean up and WP Rocket for finishing the over and additional use of CSS files
4- Make sure you are having the top hosting from the top company because hosting is the first step towards the success of Core Web Vitals.
Apply these steps and then let me know your speed insights.

First you create a backup of your site then clean up unnecessary CSS and Javascript Files.
Remove unused custom code
Remove unused Plugins & themes

watches the random stabs at the problem without actually knowing what the problem is

Ya’ll make me laugh sometimes.

One thing that i forgot to mention is that never ever go with the nulled themes and plugins because it can make a huge difference in the speed of website as well as can give opportunities to hackers. So, always use light themes and plugins.