Why discrease the domain authority amount?

I used off page SEO methods for optimize our web site…After 3 weeks domain authority was increased by 1… but today i saw domain authority was discreased again…what are the reasons?

Probably due to spammy links you create, such as the one I just removed from your post here.

Also note the comments in this recent topic:-

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There may be three reason behind this according to me
1 Poor and bad quality of external links with dofollow on your site
2 Bad links to your website
3 Poor quality of content on your site

In March first week, Moz has revamped their algorithm determining the DA of websites. Some websites experienced signifcant drop in DA during this time. I have seen some websites’ DA was decreased by 20+ score.

About new DA

Moz will update the algorithm often. If your website does not meet the required criteria there will be chance in decreasing a domain value. And the next thing is that if your website is getting links from spam website then your domain authority will drop.