Domain Authority for a Domain

Hi .Is there a way to move DA of domain to a new domain through Google’s console?tnx

Domain Authority is a metric invented by, it has nothing to do with Google, so no.
Though to help maintain Google indexing and ranking your best bet it to use the “Change of Address Tool”.


Yes, by redirecting the old domain to a new domain. But link juice or Domain Authority will take time to transfer fully from an old domain to new one. As we know Domain Authority is a metric invented by Moz and Google don’t consider third-party tool metrics for search engine ranking evaluation. They have their own algorithms. Moz recently introduces DA 2.0 Update because of this update many websites lose DA just because of spammy backlinks. Now Moz also considering Quality backlinks rather than quantity of backlinks. My site also hit and some it’s DA and PA decrease a little bit after Moz update but we don’t have to take DA seriously.


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