Can share how your website reached 80 plus DA?

Can you share the strategies that how your website is having a high domain authority like as you say backlinking is not good, then how you reached this level?

Domain authority is a metric created by Moz to try to predict how well your site will perform in search engines. My advice would be to forget about it and concentrate on how well your site actually performs in search engines.

If you still want to pursue DA, then read Moz’s information on the subject.

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My question is how you reached here without even creating backlinks?

If you are asking specifically about SitePoint, then it is not my site. I’m simply a volunteer moderator on the forums, not a member of their staff.

But SitePoint has been around for a very long time (over 20 years) and built a good reputation. Many other sites will have created links to SitePoint, and it has stood the test of time, with high quality content.


Domain authority (DA) is the number of backlinks of your website from other reputable sites, that is your site has.
Moz created the DA metric. Although, Google does not use domain authority in their rankings process but has some correlation between DA and SERP.

To increase Domain Authority

Step1: Create High-Quality Engaging Content
Step 2: Link Audit
Step 3: Spammy Backlink Removal
Step 4: Disavow Toxic Backlinks
Step 5: On-page SEO Audit
Step 6: Technical SEO Audit
Step 7: Fix On-page and Technical Issues
Step 8: Start Link Building Activities
Step 9: Create Outreach Content
Step 10: Share Content Via Social Media
Step 11: Repeat Link Building and Content Strategy

You have just swiped all the information required to increase DA of your website within 30 days.