Someone had done Blackhat SEO

Some1 had done Blackhat SEO on my site which i came to know today …can some1 please suggest me what option do i have to save the site as i spent 10 years on this site and in return i got this Blackhat SEO

Have you received a penalty notice from Google? If so, what does it say?

no i never got any…but seo expert told me my domain authority has shot so fast from 25 to 50 in 1 week i guess

Didn’t the “seo expert” give you any advice on what to do about it?

If you haven’t done anything wrong, I’d just regard it as a glitch and not worry about it. “Domain authority” is a metric used by Moz to estimate how well a site might perform in search. It isn’t used by search engines.

He did ,he said there is nothing we can do now as some1 has done the damage by using tool & only the person who has done the damage can remove those redirect link

Another guy said there must be ghost code ,but he dont know how to find it as its not his forte

And today i found that my DA again got shooted to 60 points from 50 points in 1 days

Please any expert can u help plz

From the Moz website

Domain Authority scores range from one to 100, with higher scores corresponding to greater likelihood of ranking.

If your DA is rising, what are you worrying about?

As it is, DA isn’t a real measurement. It’s just a prediction.

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Im worrying because some1 is fooling or abusing moz algoirthm which google will come to know easily as it takes so much time even years to increase even 5-10 points DA

I don’t see how or what any third party could do to suddenly increase your DA.

Which "tool has been used, and what do you mean by a “redirect link”?

As I mentioned already, Google uses its own algorithms. It will not be concerned with your Moz rankings.

In many do trick of raising DA by using google redirect method …I never used them but some1 or competitior is trying to derank me

If you discover that you have links which are having an adverse effect on your search ranking in Google, you can use the “disavow link” option.

As things stand, that would seem to be unnecessary.


yes im trying that ,but that seoexpert had told me google redirect method when used brings google penalty irrespective if u disavow

I still don’t know what you mean by “Google redirect method”, but if you have already consulted an expert and they’ve told you there is nothing that can be done, what are you hoping to achieve by posting here?

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Im expecting opinion on this forum for the problem as its really strange for me to believe any1 that there is no solution to this bot targetting my site

I’m struggling to see what the problem is, given that you are not being penalised by Google (or any other search engine). You say that somebody has told you that you will be penalised, and that there is no solution. Apparently you are willing to believe their predictions of doom, but not that there’s no solution (or you wouldn’t be posting here). I’ve suggested a solution you can use if it becomes necessary, but suddenly you do believe this person who has told you that won’t work. upsidedown

You keep referring to the “Google redirect method”, but I don’t know what you mean by that, and you won’t explain. Now you seem to be suggesting this is bot activity. What evidence do you have for that?

There is really very little more I can offer, based on the information I have.


Do you have your site as a property on anything like Google Search Console, or even Bing Webmaster Tools?
These will show how your site is really performing on actual search engines, as opposed to how Moz assumes how they are performing.
Also any kind of analytics will show if traffic or engagement is suffering.
I would consider these to have more reliable and meaningful metrics to study.


Here is what i mean

Your solution is good ,but when some bot is targetting you by linking you with trillions of bad website Illl be never be able to disavow as disavow of trillions of bad website daily is not a joke

So you are suggesting that somebody is creating huge numbers of redirects from other sites to your own? I don’t understand why anybody would do that, or what they would hope to achieve. A normal 301 redirect would not load the “original” page, just the page it is redirected to.

If the sites used are low quality, then most search engines will simply ignore them anyway.

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Not sure what to answer you as im cluelesss myself…I guess a competitor can go to that level

you can track those links and disavow them