Cheap domain registrar

I have around 30 domains registered with, but I am suspecting there are cheaper options around. Can anyone suggest a cheap but reliable registrar?

Search at I think you should go at

Which TLD domains you with to register ? Are you looking to register bulk domains ?

Try 1&1, i just registered my domain for £1.

Check out Cosmotown - I’ve registered a few with them … Their .COMs are 8.99/yr out the door, but if you sign up for 5+ years, than 7.99/yr. .NETs are super cheap.
The best thing I like about them is they have free whois privacy, and it’s not just for the first year.

I used godaddy for years, but a combination of all their upselling tactics and support of the SOPA bill a while back drove me elsewhere. I’ve been using for a while now. They’re reliable and inexpensive.

Hate GD … I really like Namecheap as well. They’ve been good to me. Only thing I don’t like is the charge 2.88/yr for WHOIS privacy after the 1st year.

Most places don’t give you a free year or that low of a price. I consider it a pretty good perk.

For a good all around register that is constantly just a little cheaper use

I however only buy at godaddy now and use coupons. Search “namepros godaddy coupons”. They have a thread that is daily updated with the latest codes. My last 15 domains have cost me $1.99 each.

Yes. Namecheap. I haven’t had any issues with them so far.

The price point you are at is perfect. I fear if you get a better deal there is a catch.

Namecheap is one of the best I haven’t have any issue with them so far in last 7 years. So I highly recommend this to anyone.

Definetely namecheap since they offer free whoisguard on their domains. I have all my 9 domains with them :slight_smile:
Their support is sweet!

Note that it’s free only for the first year. After that, you’ll have to pay for it, though it’s only a couple bucks a year.

If you subscribe to their newsletter, there are often discount/coupon codes.

I use namecheap and it’s ok.
An other is namesilo. The site claims - cheapest domain name - but I never use it.

Namecheap is decent if you get in on a discount, but the best deal on a renew is usually the regular price + .99 for whois. Namesilo is very cheap, free whois, no problems for me yet. They had a $0.60 cent increase or something recently but still the lowest cost option I’ve found (they have a ton of $1 off coupons floating around too).

visit and get daily updated coupon code for domain name discounts

I use namecheap too. It’s quite easy to register and use

20,000 Retweets for $0.98 Domains - Namecheap is the best :slight_smile: is cheap as far as i know. They are providing .com for 8.95$
But Godaddy is also awesome because they always have some promo codes to buy domains for just 1$.
I will suggest Godaddy