Which Social media sites are useful for SEO ranking of my website?

Yes, I was doing that a few days ago. It just kept saying no data. I tried linking the sitemap but it kept telling me it was an invalid format. I sent switched my sitemap plugin 3 times. Now it says pending .

Would u li!e to see my site? I hope it’s okay to post it. Getonlinework.info

That’s normal. It can take a while for data to appear there, it will come in time.
You can check you are indexed by Googeling: site:Getonlinework.info
In fact, I just did and there are 5 pages indexed so far. Is that them all?

I realize that my page and domain authority will not grow with links from social media, but will my anchor profile be more diverse? I’m trying to get links that say “Churches in Yorba Linda”, and I don’t really care if they have much authority, I just need google to recognize the content as relevant for the search term. Sorry if it’s a dumb question.

Wrelcome to the forums, @ChurchYorbaLinda.

It’s not a dumb question, but it does seem to be a bit confused.

Google is smart enough to figure out from the site and the context whether your link is relevant to the site on which it appears. Your main concern for the anchor text should be whether or not it’s clear to potential visitors whether or not the link is relevant to what they want.

Also, as stated, most social media links are nofollow, which means Google pretty much ignores them.

How does Google handle nofollowed links?

In general, we don’t follow them. This means that Google does not transfer PageRank or anchor text across these links.[/quote]

So in this instance, the choice of anchor text is irrelevant in SEO terms.

Does that help?

Reddit will increase the traffic and backlink as well. Backlink will be counted after week… Check webmaster tool once you posted on reddit.

Whether or not a link is nofollow on Reddit depends on upvoting, not on how long it has been there. I suggest you read this discussion:


and take note that the Reddit community does not appreciate Spam any more than we do here.

I think it’s one of the things in WMT that causes some confusion. In “Links to your site” it lists lots of links, including the nofollow ones. That may be perpetuating the myth that Google is considering these links in ranking.

Yes, just because Google keeps data on what links to the site are out there doesn’t mean they use them for “ranking”.

In fact, Google has itself explicitly said more than once that they do not use nofollow links in any ranking algorithm.

This isn’t to say they do not use them for other purposes, such as identifying a link scheme.

I’ll say it again. A list of sites with no other information is of no use to anybody. Please explain why you are suggesting a particular site, and how you believe it helps SEO.

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Still Nofollow links harm website rank and page rank

Where on earth did you get that idea?

The whole purpose of using “nofollow” on a link is to tell search engines to ignore it, so nofollow links will have no effect on SERPs or PR - positive or negative.

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There is something to take into account with social media sites. While they don’t provide direct SEO power, they do provide something called “social signals” which indicates that there is a buzz and interaction based around your content. This, while not being a huge factor, does have some impact on your rankings. Articles on my site that have a lot of shares, also tend to have more search traffic, even though I can’t prove that this is directly from being shared a lot on social media.

There are a lot tools that are better than Webmaster Tools, SEO Site Explorer, is an example. I would search online for “backlink checker” and see what you get.

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I think,you should do backlink with high pr website.like reddit,pintest,slasdot.you can also backlink with .edu.gov site.

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@osman007: please read a thread in full before replying.

[quote=“osman007, post:56, topic:200684”]
I think,you should do backlink with high pr website.like reddit,pintest,slasdot.
[/quote]You seem to have missed

[quote=“osman007, post:56, topic:200684”]
you can also backlink with .edu.gov site.
[/quote]The domain extension is irrelevant when it comes to backlinks (and this thread is, in any case, about social media sites).

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Hello, try to use Instagram, Google+ (apps)! Also, develop good headlines, use keyword in your link and create shareable content. Also very your article length and make a good content)

Can you explain how any of these things will help rank a website in SERPs, which is the question in this thread? (Please see post #42.)

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I use google daily but not website ranking what i do tell me

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You could start by reading this thread, which explains that social media can be useful for driving traffic to your site, but has little if any influence on SERPs.

Social media links are no-follow so they don’t pass any link juice. Social media links don’t have much impact on organic ranking. But social netowrk sites are great sources for traffic. If you have more followers in Social media then you can share your content which can bring free traffic to your site.

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