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I want to know about those social networks which can be beneficial for SEO. As most of social networks are providing nofollow backlinks. So is there any benefits from those links or there is any other social network providing dofollow backlinks.


Facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterest, youtube, reddit, tumblr, google+ are all dofollow social networking sites which you can use to share your links.


@JohnKetu Are you sure that Facebookm Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube etc are dofollow. As I have checked they are providing dofollow links.

Social networks like Facebook, twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Stumbleupon and reddit are very helpful for dofollow SEO.

Yes, I’m sure they help. I used facebook, twitter, google plus, pinterest and stumbleupon regularly and in the long run it really help to improve my website’s SEO.

Links from Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are nofollow. I imagine any other reputable social site will be the same, given that Google recommends using nofollow on user-submitted links like these.

Nofollow links may still be helpful in bringing traffic to your site, provided you place them where they’re relevant and helpful. Nobody will follow a link which looks as if it were placed simply for the benefit of the link-dropper.

The question is

So is there any benefits from those links or there is any other social network providing dofollow backlinks.
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I think most social networking sites are no follow. You don’t have to worry about that as both do follow and no follow sites are both beneficial in driving traffic to your website.

Thanks for all of you. I would like to use social networks for traffic but I don’t think that I will help in Keyword ranking.

Hi, I just came to know Facebook and Twitter are not providing do follow link. After Goggling, I have found some website which are providing do follow link:

Blogger (BlogSpot)

According to me these are the best do follow social network sites.

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Then I’m afraid you’re wrong. Google+, Pinterest, Reddit are nofollow, and most of the others are not even social networking sites.

Yes, social media can beneficial for SEO if you are doing link building process by using web 2.0 or using PPT directories then you have to share links on social media so people can find you’r blogs or PPT. You can check out socialmediaexaminer website which i find useful.

I think facebook, twitter, pintrest and google+ is best you can also get dofollow backlinks from google+ and facebook helps to get more traffic in your website it also helps to improve alexa rank…thanks

Please read the thread before replying.

Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest links are nofollow.

Thanks for the advice i know that facebook, twitter and pintrest are nofollow but as per my knowledge google+ gives dofollow backlinks…thanks

Your knowledge is out of date, Google+ has been nofollow for ~half a year now. (hint, try searching :wink: for info )

Thanks for the information i will check

All the above networks are good and give backlinks as well. There is another social networking site which is quite popular these days I am talking about instagram which is gives good backlinks as well. :slight_smile:

No, they don’t. Read the thread before replying.

No it doesn’t. Istagram links are nofollow.

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