Social media and no follow links is helpful for seo

hey i want to know about social media and nofollow links is enough to rank low or i need to make any other high authority links

Most social media links are nofollow, and such links are ignored by search engines. Likewise, any links you place yourself are regarded as of little worth.

What matters for ranking your site is the quality of the content. Create great content, and other sites will link to you.

backlinks can increase traffic on your website, but for increasing the rank of the website there is a need of quality do-follow backlinks.

To increase back-links Blog posting, Business Listing , URL sharing with high authority domain sites are best.

Alone, these won’t get you ranking. But together with an overall sound digital marketing strategy? They’ll absolutely help. Simple as that!

You have to go for guest posting and also do the Off-page SEO properly and before all this write good content with all the information needed. Also, include QNA and infographics in your post.

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