Does Social Signals Helps to Rank a Page?

Hello mates I want to know Does Social Signals Helps to Rank a Page ?

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Yes, it is helpful to get high rank of the page.

Really? On what are you basing that answer? I’m not saying you’re wrong, but without any further explanation, your answer is not very useful.

To all posters: please give reasons for your opinion. Simply saying “yes it is” or “no it isn’t” is of no help to anybody, and such replies will be removed as fluff.

Social Media is very helpful for getting more backlinks on site and the more traffic you get, your rank will be increased.

Most social media sites mark links as nofollow and so are useless for building backlinks. (See While nofollow links can certainly be helpful in driving traffic, I’ve yet to see any evidence that this improves SERPs ranking.

What are the signals are you talking? could you explain it properly?

Hi,Ya ofcourse it increases the page rank
for example : facebook,twitter,google+

OK, since we’re getting so many “experts” giving bad/fluffy advice, I think this thread has served it’s purpose. @NicholasMi, if you have more specific questions and can provide more details, feel free to repost to a new thread.

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