Which Social Media Platform has a good engagement Rate Twitter or Facebook?

Which platform helps us get more audience Facebook or Twitter? Please explain the reason too.

Image says everything.


Facebook may have more active users. I agree with the engagement being high also. Twitter is better for more B2B stuff i think. What industry are you in? I can give you better guidance that way.


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I am from Digital Marketing Industry.

Facebook would be your go-to. The advantage there is it allows you to target certain audiences by interests, location, relationship, etc. You’re audience would likely have a common ground which is enough to get them talking.

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Twitter allows you to do better leverage live or breaking events though; you should grab social listening tool like muckrack and set up alerts for better effects

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facebook is the best social media platform for high engagement.

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But I have only 24 friends on facebook how can i increase my page like and following

Whatsapp is the best social media platform for b2b marketing.