Which social media is good for Online Business?


Can any one tell me that which Social Media is best for Online Advertising??

Social Media is better than Adwords or Adwords still ROCKS??


You’re mixing together what is essentially apples and oranges…

Social is an engagement tool from which you build discovery through a network, validate through interactions and support.

AdWords is a direct response, intent based marketing tactic designed to get people who are looking to you.

Neither replaces the other nor is that the intent.

To add on to Ted’s answer, many of the social media and social networking platforms out there actually have very different user base and even if they are the same, these users are using the platforms differently.

As a marketer, you need to understand what are your business goals and the type of business you are in to decide which social media platform to engage.

@ Ted S - Rightly said. he is confused by himself.

@ dead man - All famous social media sites has their own value. You can’t say one is better than another. Like if one gets better results with Twitter then it doesn’t mean Facebook & Linkedin are poor than Twitter.

Well there is no perfect answer which social media is better.I think you should make use of all social media sites to engage your answer.You don’t know what people are searching and if they found our link its good for you.Don’t target just one social media platform.

A very interesting question, you can classify it according to use and targeted visitors of that social media site. For example linkdin is meant for professionals, facebook is for family and friends, twitter for your followers. I think we must have a idea that which is meant for what and what are their audience. The combined approach could be tried. The important is what is your objective and how you are utilizing that resource. One thing I also Like to add social media is just not to create a buzz but intelligent utilization helps in branding.

It depends. I have some friends who sell retail stuffs using facebook, others use pinterest, and there’s also twitter. If your target audience is more on people who are active online especially on social networks, then you go with any of the above social network sites. But, if you target those who doesn’t really have time to browse their social network pages at all time, like those business executives and the like, then social networks might not be the best ones to be in. I just learned this from my boss as well.

Adwords rocks because it targets all audience, and not limited to social network users. Anyone browsing using Google can be a probable client.

I think it depends upon your requirement.If you are having image based product than you can use Pinterest and if you are having with service based website than facebook or twitter would be the best option for you.

[FONT=verdana]There’s apparently a growing body of evidence that suggests that social media is not the great boon for on-line business that most of us assume.

For example, Forrester Research just published the results of a study that claims that the likes of Facebook and Twitter do “almost nothing” to generate on-line sales. I’m sorry I can no longer find the original source for this, but there’s a good write-up of it here (the article makes it clear that the study didn’t cover very small businesses).

I’m not saying I necessarily agree with that. On the other hand, I can sort of understand the reasons. There’s plenty of anecdotal evidence of the power of social networks, but I don’t recall ever seeing any solid research that shows if they help with generating businesses. It would be interesting to know if anyone here knows otherwise.


Social Media a good way of having a traffic for your website or blog. If done in a proper way you could have a regular visitor.

@ Dead^Man: BTW, correct me if I’m wrong, in Adwords do you mean PPC? In PPC, with a good budget you could have an instant traffic for your website.

Why is traffic the goal of a social campaign?

Selecting one is tough. As according to present situation and marketing strategies I see “The Three Musketeers” - Facebook, Twitter and Google+ , almost at every place and on every website. Concentrate equally on this trio.

You need to stay active in top social media sites by contributing high quality and engaging content.

cannot recognise a special site for your business.it may depend on the nature of your business.better use all the top ranking sites with equal importance

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