Which social media sites do you feel good to work?

Hello all,

As the title says. I am totally new into this forum. I would like to know your technique of using different social media sites. Which site do you feel good for driving traffic for your websites?


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Hi Faluknear welcome to the forum

This question has been asked and “discussed” many times here.

I’m assuming you are a clever enough person to have already searched those topics but found nothing helpful.

In hopes that this topic doesn’t become a series of posts listing social sites and lists of traffic driving techniques that we have all seen countless times, I would like you to answer a few questions.

When you go to a social site, do you go there to be social or to find links you might be interested in going to?

That is, instead of visiting to see what is going on in your family / friends / coworkers etc. lives, do you use the site as a kind of portal or link directory?



Thanks for your advice buddy. Hope this will help me in future. I basically use FB and Twitter for business purpose.


You’ll find it’s not so much which Social Media website is better- its more the content and relationships that you form.

For example, a e-commerce website that sells digital goods (web design, social media management, etc) might do well on Twitter because they answer user questions quickly and provide general support. As a result, their users start to use that social media medium to contact and even promote that business.

It all comes down to how you use it, and what you use it for. For me, I use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for customer support, promotion and even general feedback.

I think its depend on your project or on your needs. Most popular are Pinterest, Twitter, facebook and instagram. For business purpose Pinterest, twitter and facebook are best. For individual purpose twitter, facebook and instagram are best.

Hi @RobertHardman welcome to the forum

You failed to answer

Please do.

Instead of posting a list - whether as a true list, or in a sentence - it would be much more helpful to others to pick one and go into some detail.

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I use Facebook for my social media campaigns and I find it very useful, well rounded application.

Well it’s all depend on which kind of website you own. If having fashion and beauty niche website then “Pinterest” is good. Technologies niche will work on Linkedn so effectively. Facebook and twitter also good option. Good luck go promote.

To all posters:

Please note that the OP specifically asked

So instead of vague, general replies, please address this question. Explain which social media you are using and how, and what results you’ve seen from the techniques you’ve tried.

Well you can say that the most popular sites are FaceBook, Google Pus, Twitter, Pintrest etc.
You can use any of it you like because I don’t think the person using internet for their need don’t use these sites. I am running a brand website on which i am getting so much traffic from these resources. I recommend you to use these all.

@haniyabilal2 None of your posts in Marketing are very much help, are they? They are vague and imprecise - what do you mean by “etc” in the above post??? Are you trying to be helpful (and failing) or just trying to promote yourself?

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As per @technobear’s post above, the question is more about the techniques employed in using these sites, not just a repeat of the same site names posted previously. Can you tell us how you use them and what you think works better on some than others?

I just want to help you and don’t want to promote myself.

That’s good, but what you posted isn’t very helpful for Faluknear nor any one else likewise interested

Please pick one of the sites you listed as one of the ones you’ve used so successfully and post a paragraph or more describing the technique(s) you’ve used at that site.
What you did that didn’t work so well, what you did that worked very well, how much time it took you to get results etc.

Such detail for even one site will be much more helpful than simply posting “Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram” without giving any detail about what you did for any of them.

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do you want to test my knowledge or need help ?
if you need help so here is your answer but i think you don’t.
I create
facebook fan page
promote it through campaign
more than 17k likes are on my page.

so i transfer my user from my fan page to website
here is my website
you can test and check my per day users through online tests

What @Mittineague was trying to do was the same as I tried to do more generally in post #9, which is explain how to write an answer which is helpful to the OP.

Sorry, but that really isn’t of any help to another member. (And I’ve removed the links, because they don’t help, either.) “Promote through campaign” doesn’t give us the first idea of the techniques you used, or how long your campaign ran for, or anything else.

How did you do that? What methods did you use? How do you know that the traffic on your website is as a direct result of your Facebook campaign?

The answers to these questions may be obvious to you, but the point of posting here isn’t to show that you know, but to pass on that knowledge to those who are new to social media. Without full details, your posts are not helpful.