Which Social media is good to earn more targeted traffic

Can anyone tell me that which social media is best for getting more targeted traffic. i am just tired to posting and engagement making on FB. Any help will be appreciate.

I found that Facebook is the best way to earn traffic online. I’ve used it and from my experience it works better than both Twitter and YouTube, saying this it’s good to have a combination of this social media channel and see what works best for your situation.

If you are not satisfied with Facebook try to use LinkedIn (Experts in all fields and useful for job recruiters and headhunters) or Digg (a medium to dig good product and release of latest news in the website).

Social Media has no limitation and no boundaries that one can think of . Social Media is like a platform that allows you to share anything & everything that you would like to share regarding your products & services or company .
Driving maximum traffic by the use of social media is completely depending upon your usage, how good you are at utilizing the social media & can attract more visitor through your sharing in the form of Text, Post, Images & interest.
Facebook indeed form a great way out of attracting more visitors by allowing you to create personal & business profile. Sharing your posts on groups communities etc.
Like of Facebook other social media also offer the similar feature that allow you to get more traffic.

[SIZE=2][COLOR=“#000000”][FONT=Arial][SIZE=3]Facebook is a well-known social networking site and it will helps business to get more exposure. Anyway, What kind of strategy are you using in Facebook?

Also, you’ll need to make sure that your network or followers are your target market because if they are not the right one then you should not get more traffic.


I am using facebook, twitter and pinterest to gain traffic to my site. It will help business to get more exposure. Facebook will helps to get good traffic to your site but it will not helps to get good ranking in search engine results.

I think content-oriented SNs are much better for getting traffic than people-oriented SNs. To me Reddit is absolutely the best, because it’s content-oriented and very flexible, unlike Stumbleupon.

Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are better for making some direct contacts + their backlinks are probably more valuable for SEO, but for traffic they are not even close to Reddit because people there think about themselves and their numbers, not about the content. Unless you have 1000+ close and genuine friends (which is not very likely), don’t expect much traffic from those places.

We have intensified our use of social networking to increase our visibility and amplify our message. We use the Hootsuite dashboard to monitor all of our sites “at a glance” and have used it extensively to filter out all the noise and really listen to our audience. Each site has it’s pro’s and con’s and there are different applications for each one, as well. Just gotta know how to “drive the car”. Good luck!

With social Media we can gain a large amount of the traffic provided it is utilize in proper manner. Social media has it own limitation & even at the same time provide a wide range platform to gain a large audience . Be it Facebook or Twitter every social media has its own way through which you can promote your business.
Creating engagement for the people need to be well planned, whenever, you are starting an Ads campaign.

Google plus is the best way to increase. It attracts the search engine traffic to your blog.

Good question. I think It depends on what you want to post, If you want to post more information and photos on Social networking sites then Facebook is the best medium and if you are posting links only then Twitter is the best option, but overall Facebook is better than both Twitter and YouTube. Facebook can get traffic easily and faster than other social media. I suggest you to gone through Facebook, You will definitely getting more traffic on your website.

As i know Facebook and twitter are best to get traffic, you just need to do quality posy, post not only text but images and videos also that seems interesting to people and one
more thing you should increase your network on social sites without it there is no benefits of social sharing. And you can also try Pinterest, Google +, Stumbleupon, VK etc.

Continue working on FB but also work on Linkedin, Google+ and Twitter

Why? Do you have experience with these? How did you use them, and what results did you get?

It’s no real help to the OP to simply name different social media; you need to explain why you are recommending their use.

Google+ and Facebook are good now, we can also use pinterest for good results.

I mostly prefer G+ these days to get more traffic for my website.

Please read the OP’s question:

They are looking for targetted traffic. Please suggest which social media you think performs best in this respect, and give some details of your experience with using it.

And further posts which just name SM sites without explanation will be deleted as fluff.

I mind that FB, TWITTER is better to earn more targeted traffic. Not only it, you have to forum posting site e.g. sitepoint is also needed. You have bookmaking for this and so on.

In my opinion, its completely depend on your usage of social networking sites. If you have ability to use social networking sites with proper way then you can generate more and more traffic on your website. Rest Twitter, Google plus and Pinterest also very helpful to generate good traffic on your website.

It all depends what kinds of business you’re dealing with on the Internet.

Each site has unique audiences and some business do well on certain ones while the same ones bring minimal results for others.

Keep testing my friend and you shall soon see the right social site.

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With every content you publish, you are representing yourself and your business site. So make sure that you are expose yourself in the manner that makes your reputation and popularity. If your content are uninteresting, then your friends will be inclined to remove you from their list.

Google Plus and Twitter is better to help you bring traffic.