How do I choose a good hosting provider?

There are so many hosting provider all around globe. So it’s very difficult to choose a good host now a days. So whats you view. Which is the best hosting provider?

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It greatly depends on what you mean by “best”

Perhaps coincidental, but this very same question with the same lack of specifics has been asked here many times.
So that helpful answers can be provided, Please read these and then post more detail about what exactly it is you are looking for and ask about anything you don’t understand.

Five Steps to Find a Great Host PDF



There is no “best” hosting provider.
All of them have pros and cons.
Make a list with google, compare prices and read some reviews to find suitable one.
Good luck :smiley:

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I am working as full time developer. I am facing problems with choosing the hosting provider. I used to go for Hostinger, but seems like it can’t manage when load increases. Some of my clients also facing difficulties with this when trying to access Cpanel. In my view 1&1 and Godaddy are the best for it’s support and service. So i wanted to know what your view and suggestions towards this… Any suggestions will be appreciated…

Since I don’t have sys admin experience, I always go for managed hosting. I look for one that has the best UI, offers scaling options, what stack they are using, how easy it is to install applications on them and, most importantly, their support. I have hosted websites with providers using EC2 and GCE. Among these two, I found EC2 to be slight better than GCE, but it is also little more expansive.

Start identifying your requirements first - how many sites do you want to host and your budget? You can select from a lot of web hosting companies offering shared, dedicated, vps, and cloud hosting services.

Read a lot of feedbacks from real users in different forums and groups so that you will know which web host has the best hosting service without downtime.

As Per me It should provide you the service to Sync and access files and folders in multiple devices
and should have 24 x 7 x 365 of Support with maximum up time.

Complex issue to begin with: all hosting providers are very similar on the first view, but incomparable if digging deeper. Just go with the one that you are comfortable with by:

Regularly updated hardware is the most critical issue for a web hosting company, because constant server capacity improvements obviously the best guarantee of stability. Paramount factor.

Do not trifle away time/money trying to pick up cheap/quality service, which is nonsense. Professional support and high-performance hardware is expensive.

Business Specialisation
Find the right hosting plan/package for your website depending on the expertise of your business to be able to indicate your actual needs.

Technical Specialisation
Every web hosting plan dedicated for different websites, since there is a difference between a small blog and an e-commerce aggregator. Again, cheap hosting package lacking RAM, processing power, and enough disk space to serve heavy traffic.

Technical Support
Test them to make your own opinion on the service provided and find out all the snags, like 24/7 support, outsource or in-house, and so on.

Your future hosting provider is not just server, but more evident a multiple data center implementing energy-saving and security practices. Find the most relevant features for your website, evaluate them and estimate the result.
Control Panel
Crucial for support and maintenance , as you will definitely install CMS, set up an email, FTP by your own. Find out if your future provider use major hosting management platforms (like cPanel/Plesk/ServerSuit/Webmin) or dispersed GUI with obsolete design. Begin with demo versions.

Plans/packages should be able to evolutionize concurrently with your website/business consistently. Current web hosting package certainly will need change after considerable traffic increase to your site.

There was a recent podcast at poststatus that you might want to listen to. You can find it here:

In the show notes, they also list some resources from Review Signal and their testing. They were concentrating on WordPress.

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I remember reading a quote some time back, but I can’t remember exactly how it was stated. Basically it says Price, Speed, and Reliability choose 2. Meaning that you can have hosting on a fast and reliable hosting company, but it won’t be cheap. Or you can have hosting with a cheap and reliable hosting company, but it won’t be fast.

At least in terms of shared hosting, pricing for shared hosting accounts have gotten outrageously cheap as hosting companies just cram more and more accounts onto a server. Speed and reliability go out the window because shared hosting companies deal with too much churn rate (losing customers, gaining new customers all at once). If the website are important to you, I would encourage you to look into a web host that focuses on speed and reliability and support. It might cost a bit more, but you get a better service.

Look at the most important factors:
The quality of the service including speed and reliability.
The quality of the customer service including response times and comprehension.
The price of the service.

I’d say that a good web host should be anywhere from $5 to $25 each month for a good web hosting service that is suitable for small to medium websites. Reseller and VPS of course should be more.

First of all I will say there are many factors to decide for which web hosting provider should one go for. If you are a beginner it is always better to start with a shared hosting plan which is very affordable and easy to learn also. You can check out a details article on the points to note while looking for a hosting provider.