Which program is best for simple HTML page editing?

I’m a student from Lithuania and I’m doing a school project about HTML WYSIWYG editors.
So I have chosen 4 programs:

  1. SeaMonkey Composer. http://www.seamonkey-project.org/releases/
  2. Amaya. http://www.w3.org/Amaya/User/BinDist.html
  3. BlueGriffon. http://bluegriffon.org/pages/Download
  4. Microsoft Expression Web. http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=36179
    And I want to know which program is the best to you and why?

Hmm- if you just want a simple editor I suggest Sublime Text Editor. It’s free to use (but you can purchase it too).

I’m going to second this. It’s very simple to use, not overly complex, works in all OSs, and very powerful.

I have never used, or much less heard of, any of the ones on the OP’s list. If for some reason I couldn’t use Sublime Text Editor, I would use Notepad++.


Nvm, OP wants WSYWIG editors. I’ve never used any. Personally, I don’t see any need for them and consider them outdated relics from the early 2000s.

Oh I thought his project was about WYSIWYG Editors… not that he needed one. The only WYSIWYG editor I have used is Dreamweaver and that was years ago haha.

Most web developers do not use WYSIWYG editors. Those days have long since passed.

Most now use either a powerful text editor or IDE, test using an actual browser, and inspect using web developer tools and/or firebug browser extensions.

WYSIWYG editors tend to use their own rendering engines, which aren’t representative of actual browsers.

Microsoft declared Expression Web dead a year or two ago. I forget what they replaced it with.

Probably Visual Studio Express Web Developer


I wouldn’t use that for general web development though. It’s more of an ASP thing, since it’s a full IDE. It’s really nice. If I remember correctly, the only real limitations you have is not being able to use 3rd party libraries, which isn’t really a big deal in .Net anyway.

For “simple HTML page editing” (and even complex HTML page editing) I prefer using Notepad++

I guess an IDE that also includes a WYSIWYG editor might be an option, but I still prefer to work with code-view mark-up than visual.

I haven’t tried any of those in the poll, but I would hope that Amaya being from the w3c would produce valid well-formed semantic mark-up.

That’s the one.

If you are looking for HTML simple editor, you can use http://www.coffeecup.com.

For simple html editing, you should use simple tools :wink: Sublime, Notepad++, maybe TopStyle when also writing CSS? You don’t need anymore else :wink:

I work mainly on notepad which is best for the begginers. While notepad++ is better option.

IF want to go for a autosuggestion like to increase productivity and reduce time, i would choose Dreamweaver and no other is better than it.

I beg to differ. There are lots of alternatives with code suggestion than are better than Dreamweaver. Sublime and TextMate both have it, I think you can get it on Notepad++. If you want something more robust and more of an IDE feel like Dreamweaver, then Eclipse or Netbeans work as well and are better.

Dreamweaver is overly complicated, buggy, and has very few configuration options. The last version I used was CS6, which was an upgrade from CS2 and I felt no difference. It felt more like Adobe had abandoned it more than anything else.

I rather think we’re all missing the point here. justmal says

I’m doing a school project about HTML WYSIWYG editors.
So while we may not like them, and we may all be agreed that’s not the way to edit code, nevertheless, that’s what the question is about. Which of the four listed editors is best, and why?

Unfortunately, I can’t answer the question, as I’ve never used any of them, and I suspect that’s probably true of most people here. In a sense, this is the wrong forum in which to ask that question. (Just as you’re unlikely to get a good response if you ask professional chefs which packet cake mix is best. ;))

Both Seamonkey and BlueGriffon are derived from the same original source - the main difference being that Seamonkey is a full internet suite and so has the browser and email program etc included with the editor whereas BlueGriffin is stand alone. Which of those two is best therefore depends on whether you want a stand alone editor or one integrated with a browser.

Amaya is a web editor developed by the W3C and so is far more likely to produce valid code than any other WYSIWYG web editor. So from the viewpoint of what it outputs rather than how easy it is to use this would be the better choice.

There may be difference in our likgin but you can’t say that Adobe has left out Dreamweaver. Still people trust on it and work there.

Eclipse or Netbeans are best consider for programming c and java.

Please confine further replies to the actual question in the OP.