What program do you guys use for editing HTML and CSS?

What program do you guys use for editing HTML and CSS? Right now Im using notepad++ which is pretty good. I also tried TopStyle, which I liked how it finishes tags and displays the effects of the code immediately, like Dreamweaver but its so chunky and theres too much going on

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Sublime Text is a lot like Notepad++ but a lot better. That’s what a large majority of people I know use as a text editor. It’s not free, but it’s an unlimited free trial and I think they cover non-commercial use in that unlimited free trial as being acceptable. Basically, it’s a very unobtrusive little popup every few hours that asks you to buy.

You can install alot of really nice plugins with Sublime Text and it’s package manager is really nice once you learn to use it.


And a list of popular plugins


Dreamweaver is pretty much outdated. It was a good tool when web development was a much different thing, but environment has changed over the years and Dreamweaver didn’t keep up. If you start getting into PHP or another language and want something more beefy than a Text Editor like Sublime Text, then there are lots of IDEs to choose from. But for HTML/CSS an advanced text editor is all you need.

Thank you, but what is the package manager for? storing images and the like?

Plugins that enhance the application in different ways.

For instance, this one changes the look: https://sublime.wbond.net/packages/Theme%20-%20Soda
This one adds a lot of right click options to your file tree on the left: https://sublime.wbond.net/packages/SideBarEnhancements

Those are 2 of my favorites.

I use sublime but honestly, it’s not a great editor. For example, I install few of the plugin that gives list of snippets… eventually, you’ll find a snippet that always show up when you don’t want it to be…and you don’t know which plugin created that snippet. There is a new editor https://atom.io/ that claims to be greater then sublime…but it only runs on Mac now… ah well… I’ve also heard good things about WebStorm

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I’ve been using PHPStorm for the last few months and think the program is fantastic. So I would recommend checking out [url=http://www.jetbrains.com/webstorm/]WebStorm which is the companies front-end only editor offering. Take note though these are not just text editors they are IDEs – integrated development environment. They have a bunch of tools to make your life easier beyond simple syntax highlighting if you’re willing to put in the time to learn. For example PHP Storm has built in database UI for several different vendors, terminal, vagrant integration, xdebug integration, version control integration, sass integration, less integration, and whole lot of other nifty little features. With PHPStorm I only ever need it open and a browser these days. PHP Storm looks like it has all the features of Web Storm. So Web Storm is probably just a base platform for front-end work where the server-side tools are left out. That would be my assumption based on the price difference.

Other than that if you’re on a mac textwrangler is nice. If you’re on a windows machine notepad++ would work. Both of those are really just text editors with not much more beyond basic syntax highlighting.

i’ve been using notepad++ since it’s better in every way like syntax is being highlighted, more support for languages. i like the fast loading time and working with large files. however if your are using mac then i suggest you can use sublimetext, if you hae to use window then you can use notepad++

I use Windows Standard Notepad, always have done, always will.

You really can use anything, as long as you are well versed in CSS and HTML.

I am partial to CODA and TEXTMATE, mostly for the snippet and auto complete features.

So im using WebStorm now, I really enjoy using it, exactly what I wanted which was a more watered down TopStyle or Dreamweaver, only thing is you have to test by hitting refresh on the browser but thats not so bad.

I agree with this one… as long as you’re updated with CSS and HTML you can use any program that you’re comforable with. There’s no harm in trying new program for editing your html or css.

You can find inforation about 10 Professional Free CSS Editors on next page: designmodo[dot]com/css-editors/

I’m using Dreamweaver mostly as it is having site creation facility so very helpful when it comes to change a page name OR replace something… For light project, I use Notepad++

i have used simple notepad+ to edit HTML and Css…thanks

To all posters: If you want to recommend an editor, then please explain why you like it and what its advantages are.

Lists of posts saying “I use x”, with no further details, are not very helpful to anybody.

Dreamweaver is best for editing html and css. It has number of feature that help us while writing code.
Example: Its helpful for designing background image using div and most of the people use peddling in div, we can use this for better margin.

I prefer to editing HTML and CSS in to Adobe Dreamwever because there are some good features. First and foremost thing I like in Dreamweaver is auto completion. It;s display a red underline when there are some errors. Sometime I use Notepad++ too…

I am a big fan of Sublime Text because of its Multiple Selections option which enables you to edit multiple lines simultaneously. I also appreciate the Distraction Free mode which provides a full screen view of the code editor, hiding other open applications from view so you can give your full focus to the task at hand.

Dreamwever is best because they have so many functionality regarding designing & coding.

I mostly use Dreamweaver because of the different features it offers. I can easily create layouts and create templates from it, the ability to instantly add tables when I am creating newsletter templates as well as the ability to see what the page looks like via live view. It can be overwhelming to some but overtime it is a really good tool.