Is there best free WYSIWYG TOOL

Is there best free WYSIWYG TOOL or drag & drop online tool for developing web site + web app you suggest

Developing a website using a WYSWYG editor is generally not a good idea as most drag and drop editors generate poor quality code. A text editor such as Notepad++ or SublimeText is the best option, viewing the result in a read web browser.


As suggested by gandalf458, WYSWYG can generate poor quality code. I suggest you to use Sublime Text, and install Emmet plugin.

With Emmet, you generate HTML markup with ease in no time. For example, to create

	<div class="main-content"></div>

, you can simple write the following code in your html file and hit tab.


If you know HTML well, using Emmet for Sublime Text can save you a lot of time. :slight_smile:

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But if a person is asking about a WYSIWYG editor, chances are they are not very strong in html and in that case, they should stay far away from any tool that offers them shortcuts. It can be confusing for them, and will hinder them in their learning how to code the right way.

@Atik1, if you are wanting to build something that is beyond the level of your skills and experience and that is why you want to use a WYSIWYG editor, it would probably be better for you to wait until you have the skillset yourself to build the website, before you attempt it.

And if you have the skills, but just want a tool that will speed up your work, you should know enough to realize that there are some best practices out there such as error-free code and avoiding code bloat that are important. And therefore you should probably avoid the WYSIWYG editor and code the site from scratch.


I think is the best WYSIWYG HTML editor. Because it has been improved over the years and it works well for programmers. If you use it, then this editor will save 10x the time when coding.

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As far as I can see Atom is a text editor. Where is the WYSIWYG? What evidence do you have to justify the claim of saving 10x time?


TY i’ve install it & will try it

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