What are you using instead of dreamweaver?

My dwcc subscription is coming to an end, and was thinking of dropping it but was wondering what devepolers are using in stead of dreamweaver, Thx in advance

SublimeText works really well.

https://sublime.wbond.net/ (Plugin manager)

I use Coda on my Mac and WeBuilder on Windows. Both are commercial apps which I’m very happy with, and can support the developers at the same time.

Notepad++ but i heard great things about sublime

Both are indeed the best editors, afaik them all. I use WeBuilder (not to mixed up with WebBuilder) myself. I don’t have a Mac, but from what I’ve seen on a YouTube video about a design problem, Coda is quite similar in terms of code shortcuts and replacement functions. Which make manual coding with them sooooo much easier than with Notepad++.

Having said that, RJweb, you should realize that we are talking about a very different category of web design programs here. Dreamweaver is a WYSIWYG, WeBuilder is a manual code editor with (IE and Chrome) preview tabs – and a (one-click) local PHP server (installation). I’m not sure whether Coda has preview tabs too, but that, too, is a manual code editor, not a WYSIWYG.

Thx for the input, working in dwcc I use code view not the wysiwyg, I also am on a mac, Now was checking out your WeBuilder, and it looks like an excellent program, just the wrong OS for me. Thx again for your help

Yes, a critical distinction. If you are looking for another WYSIWYG editor, check out the new generation of such editors, such as macaw.

I use SublimeText2, with the excellent Emmett addon, which makes code writing ridiculously efficient. I also use Coda sometimes (which has the advantage of FTP built in) and Emmett works with that too.

Another WeBuilder brother :slight_smile:

I’ve been using it for years, soon after it came out in fact. For me it’s got a great balance of tools and it’s interface/workflow just suits me down to the ground.

Is there a plug in for FTP build in for sublime text 2, thx

I use Bluefish on Ubuntu Linux, and it’s also available for Mac. http://bluefish.openoffice.nl/index.html

SublimeText3 is the latest, you should use that if you’re just now picking it up. SublimeText2 still works fine, so for people still using that there really isn’t a big incentive to upgrade. I don’t think a whole lot changed.


That is the top FTP program, there are several more:

You need to install package control:

Then once that’s installed:

Basic Functionality

Package Control is driven by the Command Pallete. To open the pallete, press ctrl+shift+p (Win, Linux) or cmd+shift+p (OS X). All Package Control commands begin with Package Control:, so start by typing Package.

The command pallete will now show a number of commands. Most users will be interested in the following:

Install Package
Show a list of all available packages that are available for install. This will include all of the packages from the default channel, plus any from repositories you have added.

Then select “Install Package”. Once you’re there, you can just type in “SFTP” and the package I linked above will show up. Select that and it will install. You can do this for any package, but some take a little extra configuration after they are installed. There are lots of good ones, check the site I linked above to browse some of the other popular plugins. You can also do it directly from within SublimeText on the “Install Package” dialog.

It probably sounds like it’s complicated to install packages, but this is one of the easiest package/plugin managers I’ve ever used. It works very similarly to Linux apt-get or yum, but a little more gui based.

Longtime Aptana Studio user here, currently I am using Hetbeans 8.0 because Aptana seems to be a bit slow recently. This is when I am working on full blown projects. Netbeans has everything I need, FTP, history of file, diff, merge, GIT support, SFTP, code coloring, code formatting, syntax check, debug, deploy, everything. For fast code edits I like to use either Brackets or SublimeText




Long time ago I’ve used Zend Stufdio IDE, but to be honest it is to expensive in comparison to what it has to offer, even Visual Studio from MS has a free version, which brings me to next, absolutely undoubtedly, best ever full blown IDE for development is off course Visual Studio. I just love it, and nobody is happy as me when I have to code something in Visual Studio. Hope they will make some PHP plugin for VS so I can work on PHP projects also in VS

Oh, I think I have found it what I’ve searched for: http://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/8292e47d-8ed2-48cb-9ebd-064e0b7891cf

Whatever makes you happy, but WeBuilder and Web Builder are two different programs by two different makers. And the latter is a WYSIWYG.

lol yes I know that, it’s the Karlis Blumentals one I use :slight_smile:

If you are wanting to move away from WYSIWYG, and you should , I will vouch for CODA or CODEKIT. Both are great integrated development environment and offer great suite management, FTP, plug in and even decent preview ( tho should never rely on a preview of a site while testing… no matter what program you use). hope that helps

Silly me! I thought you were referring to Web Builder, and were saying about that: “Another WeBuilder, brother.” Totally misread! Indeed, another Blumentals bro! :slight_smile:

I just use Notepad. It would be great to use Notepad++ though. I’ve used it before and I loved it. I just can’t be bothered to download it currently though.

Haha you’re forgiven, hey it’s a Friday :slight_smile:

Thx for all the replys and information, I am going to work with textwrangler for awhile, it has ftp built in, not all the whisles and bells but will work, thx again everyone.