Best Editor?

I work primarily on a MacBook Pro, and currently use TextWrangler. I would prefer to find a free code editor, and wondering if there is anything better than TextWrangler.

Thanks for your input :slight_smile:

According to this article, TextWrangler is already free, and there doesn’t seem to be much that’s considered better than it.

You can use edit plus also.

Dreamweaver and edit plus are the best Editor for every system.

That’s up for debate.

This article mentions a few options: - Mac Tricks and Tips, Wallpapers and Applications for Mac Users

But there are also free code/WYSIWYG editors, too, such as:

Aptana Studio

EDIT: mind you, for a few extra bucks, you could be using something like TextMate or Coda, and then you wouldn’t look back.

Dreamweaver is the best editor. It makes coding very easy and simple.

HtmlDocEdit is a simple and easy editor, even those who don’t have a knowledge in HTML can do edit their HTML files.

You are saying that Dreamweaver is the best? Compared with which other editors that you have used?

I’m pretty satisfied with Coda.

coda is the best