Facebook vs Twitter

Months after months, why still Facebook vs Twitter? Did anyone find anything NEW?

facebook is better than twitter and fb have lots of features as compare to twitter
but can you tell me how to generate a business from facebook and twitter

And that’s a wrap folks.

I found that when Facebook introduced the newsfeed and really focused on the status update that feature made it possible to compare Facebook to Twitter. Twitter’s simplicity and ease of use as well as the 140 character restriction really forces content providers to cram as much meaning as possible in short burst which is optimal for the low attention span that most of us have. Facebook’s newsfeed is much more rich and personal in nature relating on the items that most likely you’ll be involved and interested in. Personally I like Facebook more especially since its much easier to see a comment to your post as opposed to an @reply and know which conversation your post is referring to, but that’s just personal preference.

i dont understand how to generate business from twitter
facebook is awesome and its user friendly

Twitter is so much easy than facebook & I want to stick with twitter only.:slight_smile:

I think Facebook is much better because your posts don’t disappear into the background as fast as tweets do. People often lurk Facebook constantly and see every new post. It also creates more dedicated followers, since most of my site’s visitors are from Facebook, even though I have less fans on Facebook than Twitter followers.

Agree with rainmist fully. I use Tweeter more than Facebook, for its simplicity.

Why argue when both are helpful in different ways and distracting for online freelancers in most cases.!

In my opinion, Twitter is more easy to use. Facebook have so many fields.

Why does it have to be an either/or decision? I use both for completely different reasons; facebook is mostly for people I know while twitter is mostly for people I want to get to know.

What’s new, though? Hanging for the next big thing here! :smiley:

IMO, they have their own perspective. I mean they are different. So you really don’t need to compare them. And both are doing good in internet marketing. :wink:

^ Exactly…
It’s pointless to even think of making an argument about it. Since there’s really no law against using both. =)

if you are looking for a websites point of view? than both are wastage of time and if asking about chatting than 50/50…

I find Twitter more beneficial since from my site analytics, it’s bringing me more business than Facebook.

Are you talking about traffic?

Both social networking sites are good but Twitter is better than facebook as business point of view, its a better internet marketing tool.

I think facebook more friendly user


I think facebook is much better than twitter as facebook has lots of cool applications that one can play with and can be used to find other people to make friends while twitter I don’t think provide such services. So, my vote is for Facebook.