Which is the best social networking site to get brading and traffic?

There are many social networking sites where one can create or share posts and embed links. This is one way to get referral traffic. I would like to know which is the best social networking platform which can be used to generate high traffic and at the same time build brand of the products/services.

I think the clue is in the name - SOCIAL networking. Not LETS MAKE LINKS AND SELL YOUR SHIZZLE ONLINE networks.

spikeZ pointed out that one thing that you shouldn’t forget when you’re in social media: the very reason why it’s called “social”. It would be useless if you’re just going to use it for promoting stuff without even actually talking to anyone. About your question, thread starter, that would depend on your target market. I wouldn’t ignore any single one of them because there might be people in those social media sites that would be interested in the things I share.

I don’t know what the best ones are, but I do know of a hot one right now: thruzt.com. It’s speculated to take down Digg, although that might be exaggeration. It’s a great new’ish social bookmarking site, but don’t even think of spamming them with blatant advertising, your account will get shut down so fast your head will spin. However, if you have some interesting content on your blog, it’s a great resource.

Simple answer, the one that has highest number of customers you want to connect with.

It’s different industry to industry.

But like the others have said, if you are going to go in there and ram your links down throats. My answer changes to none of them.

There are so many social networking site where you can get a good traffic. Facebook and Twitter are the best Social Networking Site. You can also make your brand from their. Many Social bookmarking site also helps you to get a good traffic such as Diig, Stumbleupon, Reddit etc. You can also get backlink from Social Bookmarking site.


i think there are various social networking site are on line. some social networking site gives us very heavy traffic. like twitter facebook and myspace. but i like the myspace it gives us good traffic and quality wise it great and i like twitter after that.

I don’t think so social media networking sites like twitter and facebook gives you traffic except when you use facebook advertising. The one thing that you should remember is, attract visitors to your site by working hard on your SEO after that you can engage with your visitors by facebook or twitter. If your visitor likes your site then obviously it will join your social media page update your page regularly by embed links to gain massive traffic again and again.

I personally use Facebook, twitter, pinterest & a huge list of social bookmarking sites, check out onlywire, it helps you administrate and syndicate content to your bookmarking sites…


Personally i use facebook and twitter .
It is dependent on what social networking are famous in your country .
Social network makes great brand awareness and respond to our customer

According to me Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn will be the best social networking sites which will help you to get huge traffic to your website.

Twitter and Facebook are good to promote your business and drive traffic as long as you can maintain good communication with customers. Stumbleupon, digg and reditt also work very well when you like to share new post/news.

There are various social networking sites where you can promote your business. Facebook is most popular on web as well as it has many features and also provide the business platform. It is best place where you can promote your brand as well as get the referral traffic to the website.

Does onlywire bookmark content on it’s site or it’s just a tool to bookmark to other sites? Could you give a little more information on how do we use it?


Twitter & Facebook both. You should always find time to reply back to people as well. That is a key part of building your Brand and forming a Social Media Following.

There are surely a couple of famous social networks out there. But don’t get deceived on picking the most famous one right away. You still have a lot of factors to consider like demography.