Social Bookmarking and Social Networking

Hi all,

Do you think by using social bookmarking and social networking sites, will bring you a lot of traffic ?

And which one is the most used that draw good traffic? ( not because of the size of subscribers but more of valuable subscribers ).

Social bookmarking sites are mainly used for bookmark certain interesting websites or interesting articles or valuable information, whereelse social networking is mainly used for connecting to friends and lately businesses too.

Therefore, each site has its own pros and cons.

I would appreciate your in depth study and information on these two traffic generating sites.

Thanks in advance …

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Yes, you are right. It’s upto you how you are using SB and SN sites.It varies from person to person and that makes a lot of difference in getting traffic to a website.

Social bookmarking is a way for Internet users to store, share, classify, and search Internet bookmarks. In social bookmarking, people create their own topics and lists for places on the Internet that they like or dislike. Example delicious, Blinklist etc

Social network is a a group of people tied together by some common interest. Interests can range from reading to education to food to news or any other subject imaginable. Example - myspase, facebook etc

with the word social itself you can have an idea…SB and SN sites is a place wherein you can find group of people, mostly sharing stuffs and that…it can give you good traffic if you use it very well

To be honest, Im not getting much traffic from SB sites. Im bookmarking my stuff more to get backlinks from them. It`s your call but I thing that its better to go for google traffic :slight_smile:

It honestly depends on how you intend to use them… if you provide high quality content and if you don’t just spam the service, you can see a return on the effort you put in. As for which will work best for you, you shouldn’t just stick to one network, you will need to experiment and encourage people to join your networks through your site. There’s no simple way to suddenly make visitors appear from social networks, it requires as much effort as the site itself. :slight_smile:

You can bookmark your web page and helpful information on Social bookmarking site and you can share your bookmarking with your group and friends in social networking sites.

A great resource is the “Social Media Cheat Sheet” it’s a printable GIF that breaks down the benefits of every social media site. (Google it). Our company has seen great results with facebook, twitter, and i dentica. Hope that helps.

I am signed up for over 20 social network sites. And still I am not seeing any traffic.

I got traffic from my signature.

social bookmarking sites approve your web site, pages, immediately. you can submit any inner page to social bookmarking sites. web directories take time to approve but no guanrantee.

Yes, they can bring you traffic but be sure to share interesting facts and fresh contents

Only those high traffic SB and SN sites that will draw the traffic to your site. Since there are hundreds of sites these days, it will take you ages to post to all of them.

Choose the top 10 and post your info and ideas, you might get some traffic to your site. As long as your site is interesting and keep on having fresh content, you will gain from these SB and SN.

Cheers !

“Social Media Cheat Sheet” great stuff…thanks