Social Networking for SEO?

I am a new SEO freelancer and I’m looking for a new social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. For most of us, We prefer social networking site for traffic, promotions, advertising, internet marketing, etc. I would appreciate if you participate.

What can you say about this?
Can you suggest any sites?

Have you tried LinkedIn? I prefer LinkedIn for my main business as it is more professional =)

I would say just concentrate on the most famous social network platform. I find the others are overcrowded with Internet Marketers as compared to users…

yes i agreed that all the social networking website are overclocked with Internet Marketers as compared to users as you can check… like facebook and twitter .

The whole list is available on Wikipedia(dot)org

Type “List of social networking websites” in its Search bar and you will get the whole list of social networking websites across the world.

List of Social Networking Sites…Hope it will help
* Facebook
* Twitter
* MySpace
* LinkedIn
* Friendster
* Hi5
* Orkut
* NetLog
* Badoo
* Meetup
* Digg
* Stumbleupon
* Ning

How Digg? Is it only a social bookmarking/news portal. It cannot be considered as a social networking site. And orkut is completely waste of time we will not get any traffic from orkut. It almost dead.

yes there is several networking site which can really brings visitors to our site.some of them are as follows :

Digg was created as networking site, but later it gave the facility to share your content. I think whichever site that allows you to grow your network and interact with them is called a networking site. And digg does provide both.

Here is the list;

Relationships Matter | LinkedIn
LiveJournal: Discover global communities of friends who share your unique passions and interests.
Free Blogs, Pro Blogs, & Business Blogs | TypePad
Your personal entry point to the Web - A1-Webmarks - social bookmarking
kirtsy / Popular - Beyond Social Bookmarking

Since this thread is becoming a link fest, I’m closing the thread before it becomes self-promotional or even more fluffy.

If you want to open a new thread which does more than post links (i.e. why each site is good for this purpose), then by all means.

until then, THREAD CLOSED

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