Which is the best social networking site which really generate traffic?

Couple of days ago, when i started my blog. I faced first problem is how i attract visitors to my blog, for this i started reading popular blogs which have great amount of traffic and they tell us how to get them. But seriously those articles didn’t help me a lot. I everyday spend my time on social netwrking sites to attract visitors to my contant but they just visit for a second then leave it. It’s very difficult to focus on all networking sites. They waste my lots of pericious time. Please guys tell me that which one is the best social networking site which really attract traffic, so i focus on that

according to me, my site is getting more traffic from pinterest and stumble upon. in general google +, facebook generates traffic if you are posting valuable stuffs.

Social networks don’t really drive all that much traffic to websites. They’re primarily used to communicate with your active visitors.

Focus on your website and the content you post. If it’s interesting and unique, you’ll end up getting some traffic.

I agree with @Force_Flow ; . No social network is going to be a sustainable source of traffic if you don’t have interesting and useful content on your website.

There are two ways to solve the problem of visitors landing on your website and leave in less than a second. First, you might be promoting to the wrong target audience. Give some thought on where your target audience are online and focus all your time on increasing your presence there. By presence, I don’t mean that you should start spamming links all over the community. Instead, you should try to be helpful and get to know the active members. From there, you will start to gain their trust and they might end up helping you to spread the word about your website.

Secondly, the problem could be with your content. Visitors leave a website because the content is not interesting enough or it doesn’t help them solve a headache or problem that they have. Try to improve by asking your target audience what would they like to see on the website. Ask them to share with you an article that they have shared with everyone they know in the past week. You should never stop talking to your readers and target audience. If a blog is new and have less than 100 high quality and top notch articles, this is where I will be spending the majority of my time.

Hope the above helps.

The site that is going to send you the most is going to be specific to your demographics and what your website is actually about. For example if your blog is about cooking then pictures and posting to a social network like Pinterest constantly with proper tags is going to drive you the most business along with a site like Culinate.com. In the end create content that people will want to read and be passionate about it. You can always find quality blog directories and RSS Feeds to syndicate to as well.

Thanx all

The best social networking site is twitter, facebook, reddit, scoop and as above pintrest is also best social site.

The best social networking sites are facebook, twitter,linkedin, Google plus, pinterest, and you tube. First we should focus what kind of business and services or products we are selling and to whom we are selling. If your focus business people then better to choose linkedin. Facebook and twitter are useful for all kind of business. Pinterest is for image sharing and Youtube is best in video sharing.

As stated, your primary problem is how to attract visitors to your blog. And after your research, you found that one way of attracting traffic is through social networking sites. This created a child problem of how to have solid engagement on your social networking sites which is a tedious task so you want to focus first on one to build a community. All for the sake of traffic.

First, I agree with @Force Flow and @Wayne Liew, since you still have a newly created blog, focus on it. Market your blog locally to your friends and to people you personally know who will genuinely like the contents you are writing. They will be the first to honestly tell you whether or not the things you feature on your blog are interesting.

What is your blog about? Are you good at making images? If you still want to have social media presence, it is good to be a bit VISUAL because photos/images are shared on these SNSs. I personally think your expertise is where you should focus in the beginning. Like building your network by focusing on your strengths first. So, if you know Facebook better, stick to it. If you know Twitter better, then have some quality tweets. What’ important is your time management and focus, and your eagerness to engage with your audience.

I’d recommend Delicious and Newsvine :slight_smile:

Why? What experience do you have of these sites, and why do you think they’re better than other similar sites?

Simply listing the names of sites without any further details is really not very helpful to anybody and is likely to be deleted as fluff.

Social Networking sites as a medium of generating traffic can only be fruitful only when you utilize the same in proper manner. Social Networking does comprise of a lot of factor that such social page creation for your products, services & company. First you need to create social media profile of your products , company & services, then promote the same using organic medium follow to that you can try paid campaign with conversion metrics for utilizing & taking the most benefits out of it.

According to my point of view social networking is good to attract the visitor but its for short time of period for long time of period you can make a group or page on facebook or any other social site from where every one can come to visits your page or group to get knowleged on a particular area or sector for which you make the page. In which also you have to face some problems in starting but try to make believable to everyone to post a real things and work continuously .

I agree with @Force Flow. I just interact on FB, Google Plus and Twitter with fans, share my quality content and make some votes, offers. But it won’t drive many traffic from social media. I have heard a lot about Pinterest. Can anyone tell how it really can get traffic?

I find that Facebook is the best to generate large communities for business. You have to spend a little money on it, for ads to promote your page, but it’s worth the money.
Twiiter is great if you have a lot of content, and to create relationships with people in your niche or related niches. The only problem for me is that you have to post a lot to get noticed.
For some clients, Pinteres is the best one, driving traffic and new followers to other commnities. Again, you have to add new content daily to keep the community working.

From SEO point of view…Google+ is becoming more and more important…if your objective is volumes…definitely facebook, twitter…


The best social networking site is Facebook and Google Plus in my opinions. To bring traffics for your blogs through social networking all these are good. Apart from this tumblr.com is best bookmarking sites for blogs. Pintrest is another best options for bring traffics for your blogs. twitter is another microblogging sites that also helpful for your blogs bring traffics. Ping your blogs in various blog ping directories.


Stumbleupon, G+, FB, Twitter they all gonna give you traffic only if you have lots of followers…

To be honest, the fastest way to get traffic, is paid traffic. But maybe you are on a tight budget and can’t afford to purchase traffic right now. Overall traffic is never free because you are either spending money to get traffic faster, or spending time to get traffic. If you don’t want to spend money to get traffic, it will take time, and I can’t guarantee you, but I’m pretty sure if you really work at it then you will be getting traffic. A good start would be setting up accounts on forums. Help people out with their problems pertaining to whatever market you are entering. Since you mentioned social networking I’m guessing you’re in internet marketing. Anyways, keep giving people good answers, essentially value. Good value that will help them out. Once you have shown credibility and people actually like the help you are offering they start to trust you. They want to see what else would you provide for them. So they click on your account. In your account, post your url. Overall always try to solve people’s problems. God Bless.