Best Link building Technique 2013?

What is the best Best Link building Technique 2013?
Blog commenting, social bookmarking or guest posting

in my opinion Guest posting and social bookmarking is best. plus exchanging links with related niche also help in ranking

Blog Commenting,Social Bookmarking and Guest Posting all of three are the Best Link Building Techniques in 2013 why because these techniques will give instantaneous results. Addition to these, you can use link wheeling, Link Baiting, Guest Blogging Techniques also. These techniques also gives instant results.

Blog posting, update your website, social media ads and page management

The best technique for link building, as we’ve said repeatedly on these forums, is to have a great site with excellent content, which will make people want to link to you. Any links which you can obtain by posting them yourself are likely to be of little value, as far as SEO goes, although if you have written a good blog post or article, you may get some benefit of extra traffic.

Now that search engines are getting better at recognising “unnatural” links, any technique which is seen as attempting to manipulate results is more likely to penalise your site than to benefit it.

See Google’s advice on link schemes, which includes this:

Guest blogging or getting somebody to blog about you seems to be the most natural. Google is starting to crack down on websites that don’t build backlinks the natural way.

Google obviously hates everything about SEO. Period.

In 2013 all three are effective technique but we need to follow quality content commenting and posting on relative niche website…

Forum Participation and Blog commenting is the best technique these days.

Forum participation is useless for building backlinks, as any forum worth its salt will mark external links “nofollow” - just as this forum does. Same goes for links in blog comments. Even if the links are not nofollow, the search engines will pay very little heed to them. Links which you can place easily yourself in this manner are all but worthless.

Same as previous years, none of them.

IMHO “link building” is an AKA for SPAMming

Let other sites add links to your’s and you’ll not only be able to spend more time writing content others will want to link to but you won’t risk being removed from the SERPs

The “techniques” you listed might be good for getting traffic to your site, but there has to be something there others will want to link to.

I’ve found guest posting to be very effective, but you have to promote your content. If not, it will only be a link when it could be a powerful link to your site.

Social bookmarking -> Blog Commenting…
but like Technobear said, “Content”, especially on ur title article :stuck_out_tongue:

At present, in SEO there is quality backlink and relevant quality link from unique IP link is very important.
If you are submitting link in social bookmarking you i have to mind it the link is with good PR and Domain authority also related guest post submission is better for ranking.

guest posting & social bookmarking is the best Link building Technique 2013.

According to me, you can strict to Directory submission(PR3 and above), social bookmarking, guest blogging and classified submission also helps. Blog commenting can be done, but not to greater extent since it doesn’t have that much impact, also nowadays strict commenting rules and filters are implemented, so do this effectively but don’t want to spent much time on this…

What about a site for an industry where there is not a lot of content creation? Blogs are great for web developers or marketing folks, but I just got asked by my chiropractor to help with the SEO for his site. If I tell him he needs to blog regularly he will laugh and tell me he doesn’t have the time for that.

Right now he is using an industry marketing service (Chiromatrix?) to provide backlinks for his site. So do I understand correctly that these types of services are much less important than they used to be?

Based on my experience, I find more effective in blog commenting and guest posting.

For blog commenting, I never put a comment just to drop a link. I find blogs where I can put my insights on and have conversations with other people. In this way, I can build up my reputation. Least is getting is getting the links.

Guest Blogging on the other side is another form of content marketing that is proven to be one of the most effective methods these days. However, it will still depend on the quality of the content and the quality of the resources.

Link Building differs according to your site’s nature. Stay away from black hat seo tools though unless you want to experiment with them on a dummy site for learning purposes.

Guest posting is a good technique and social media marketing helps a lot as well in getting natural backlinks.

This is a white hat forum, no one here will teach you gray hat link building techniques. All you get is “great content”, “user-engagement” and similar common knowledge stuff which i think you already know.

To be honest with you though, although hearing those might sound useless at times but they are really the best way around! We repeat them over and over again as people always think they know them but they truly never take them into serious consideration. They always like the fast route to success. Internet Marketing takes time like anything really… treat it properly and ethically and the returning results shall be ever lasing and beyond your expectations.

Hope that helps!

Google is retarded on this front. “Don’t spam with backlinks”. “We measure site authority based on backlinks”. Zero sense.