Blog Link Building

I am having few blogs for which I would like to implement SEO. What all are the easiest methods of link building for Blog websites. I used to do social bookmarking only.

Well if you are posting great content on your blog then what all you need to do is, just share it over social networks so that more and more users can read it and link it with their blogs/websites. The success of blog SEO lies within the quality of posts content…if your content is great, people will link your automatically.

You have to reblog your blog posting, social book marking, post in your social networking sites.

Better is to be Consistent with your blog ,by posting updates with content for readers .
Yes you may reblog , submit to blog directories , social bookmarks . participate in discussion etc in promoting blog .

Before coming up with a link building strategy for your blog, it is important to first understand the nature of your content. The following are strategies that worked for myself. I’m sure you can get a huge list of link building strategies by Googling around. :slight_smile:

If you host shareable content such as funny pictures, memes or jokes, then you should consider participating in communities that regularly share these type of content. If you allow site visitors to embed your content on their websites or blogs easily, participating in relevant communities will help get your content attention, shares and inbound links.

On the other hand, if most of your content are informational, guest blogging is the best way to build high quality links so far. If you are aiming for the best possible links from authoritative blogs, please make sure the content published on your blog are of high quality before sending in a pitch. Most of the time, you will need to show the blogger who is going to host your writings a sample blog post that you did. Yes, this may be hard, especially if you are trying to get your writings published on one of the top blogs in your industry, but having a link from a great blog is better than 10 links from mediocre blogs that accept every guest posts submitted.

I would be wise to participate in various and variety link building methods including guess books, blog comments, social networks and such. If your blog is image-oriented then you might want to consider pin your images in Pinterest, if your blog is video-oriented then Youtube, Vimeo is the way to go.

A saying that any SEOer also say if you don’t want to share, everyone knows the contents to or sharing new people, but the key is you have to build the content in the same page, like google will evaluate allyour writing is much higher .
an example :

that is my site with PR 3 , i have 16 topic with PR 3 too . you can see , http://hotelshanoi/hanoi-vietnam/

, they are unique content :smiley: , but i have alot of good link

Just make sure that you are posting unique and high quality content. Make your social networking accounts visible in the blog and encourage visitors to share your blog post. Trying some thing new that make your visitors to spend some time on your blog. Also encourage them to leave their comments.

I think social bookmarking and other link building things are good to do but don’t relay on them to much. Create and post awesome content on your blog, share them on social media as much as possible and join the niche forums/sites and be the part of discussion.

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Hi only social bookmarking is not enough you have to do update your content time to time and share that with in social sites. Better you also join forum related that theme.

try these my friend, and enjoy

(1) Blog commenting on dofollow blogs.
(2) forum posting with signature.
(3) article submissions.
(4) social bookmarking.
(5) Post Guest post in blogs .
(6) Conduct Keyword Research
(7) Link Wheel
(8) Web 2.0
(9) Blog Commenting
(10) Forum Commenting
(11) Ads Posting through Classifieds
(12) Press Release
(13) Slides Sharing
(14) Video Marketing
(15) Article Marketing
(16) Guest Posting

The following are the most useful and effective link building techniques that can absolutely increase website rankings and establish brand awareness:

  1. Create and write unique and fresh articles.
  2. Social bookmarking
  3. Article submission
  4. Blogging
  5. Blog Commenting
  6. Press Release
  7. Yahoo Answers
  8. Directory Submission
  9. Guest Posting
  10. Video Creation
  11. RSS Submission
  12. Social Media