Which is best to start Affiliate marketing

I want to start online business and decided to start affiliation first.which is the best way to make good affiliate business. Any ideas and help will be appreciate.

Are you already running a blog or any other website?

Please check out the below link.

I think it will be helpful for your problem.

You’ll likely need a website before you can get accepted as an affiliate most places. I would try to find a good niche without too much compitition (hardest part), and make sure that it has items available on amazon. I’ve got a number of websites, and I’ve found that the combination of wordpress and phpZon (from phpbay.com). You’ll then be able to sell amazon products on your site.

Some tips:

  1. I like amazon and CJ.com’s affiliate programs. I would apply to ebay’s as well, but don’t be sad when they reject you (which is the norm).
  2. Don’t apply to any affiliate program with a half finished or ugly website. You need an attractive website with good content to get accepted to may affiliate programs. After you are accepted you can start making thin / garbage affiliate sites if that’s your thing.
  3. Google hates affiliate sites, so you’re going to need work and luck. Because so many affiliate sites are junk Google has been stomping on every one it finds.

Thanks to all who replied.

The OP hasn’t returned in nearly two months, so I’m closing this thread.