Starting an Affiliate Program, need help


I am starting an affiliate program but i don’t have much idea about it.

Can any one suggest me something about it ?


Affiliate programs (also known as referral programs or partnership programs) offer a way to harness the traffic coming to your website to generate revenue, without the complication and expense of selling anything yourself. Instead, you earn a commission for producing a transaction. What constitutes a “transaction” and how much it’s worth will vary with each affiliate program.

To make your affiliate program thrive you will need affiliates, they come in two basic flavors

  1. Affiliates, normal people making their way to the making money online scheme. You will have plenty of this.

  2. Superaffilaites, not so normal people already being experts in the industry. You will need to really connect with them, because they are few, and they are the 80% of your income.

Keep searching, it only gets better with time

Build/use solid affiliate marketing/monitoring tool
offer affiliate resources (Banners,Text links, Articles)
Create a blog and write about the program
Ask fellow blogger to write about it
showcase Top money making affiliates
attach with forum signatures
Try article marketing
Try PPC compaign
Buy Adspace

Start work with Exoclick or GoogleAds.
This isn’t hard)