Which affiliate program i can join in?

I want to earn money online,but i do not know which one is easy to do, i’m a newbie to here.So could you give me any advice?
Thank you.:slight_smile:


What kind of marketing would you like to try first?


Niche sites?

What kind of marketing would you like to try first?

What method is actually what I meant.
I suppose I should have clarified that better.

Article marketing.

Niche sites.



Thanks for getting me straight.

I don’t think anything is easy if it is worth working for so the decision is up to you.

i want to build a article directory,and add adsen,shall i?Or you can tell me which one i can join in,add it on my article directory site.

You can add Adsense but you will need
to apply first and to apply, you must have a site.

Do you need help building a WP site?

You should research the popularity of some of your interests. When you have found an area that is popular then type the subject along with ‘affiliate program’ into your search engine and see which programs have services or products for that area. You can also use an affiliate program directory.

So if i have a wp and content, i can add google adsense on it,any else?

You can join to comission junction or try to sign-up in adsense put the ads in your site.

You can join to comission junction or try to sign-up in adsense put the ads in your site.

You ought to also look into ad-brite.

Well on that Case you should search for the site that include reward cash or gift for the user participation. Try to gather site having the Affiliate Marketing.


You wanna join affiliate program. S you gotta choose a parent company that have proven records.This company will provide you the right network marketing tools that really help you to build your affiliate carrier.


you really have to pick what you want to “push” or basically sell. I would start off with software online as the affiliate programs are plentiful.

i would also suggest affiliate marketing like some have above already suggested… returns are good for the amount of work u do …best of luck

I have over 10+ years of SEO experience and I am looking for a niche to start a new online business, any ideas?

The best way would probably be to look in Clickbank for some products in your chosen niche. They are the best and pay the highest commissions. Go for products with a gravity of between 50 and 200.


The problem with this is nothing is really easy when it comes to earning money including earning from affiliate programs online.

Some people do alright and make tones of money and then some fail at it.

Personally the longer you do it, the better you become at doing it, but that’s the same with everything.

Overall though, the longer you keep at it, the better you will get and the more likely you will succeed. I’ve been doing it for 7 years and would not turn back now. I enjoy what I do and can see me doing it for many years still.

Good luck.