Which Godaddy plan to choose?

I was hoping for other opinions than those from Godaddy support. We upgraded from the base plan recently to the next plan up on the shared hosting. Our plan is called the Deluxe plan and allows unlimited websites. We are mostly using this for store builds. Once we launch we know that this hosting plan is trash. I have tried loading my websites and they are very slow on this plan.

All of our websites are built on woocomerce and wordpress.

I am debating on the business plans or the dedicated server plans. Our largest website averages 14k visitors per month so not a ton but still plenty. We want to host likely 5-10 websites on this plan we get. We have 3-4 websites in the works now. Most of our sites are lower traffic but some might get more in the future.

Is the business plan hosting any good? Do I need to go with their dedicated servers? They also have a plan for wordpress sites. Managed WordPress Hosting Plans & Pricing…

Anyone have experience in this area? Godaddy used to be super slow with load times from what I have read but now days it seems some of their plans are industry leading.

It is not clear what the problem is with that. You are implying that it works; since it works, don’t fix it.

I am not sure what that means. Are you saying you are developing websites that will be transferred to your customer’s plan later?

This implies the sites will not be temporary and seems to contradict what you said previously.

I am not sure but as I recall you can have only one Managed WordPress per plan. I could be wrong; probably it is that I got one free Managed WordPress for the plan I had.

I am sorry if I was unclear. Let my try to clear the air.

We have a hosting plan with godaddy that allows unlimited websites. It is the cheap shared hosting. We upgraded recently from the base plan to allow more websites to be on the same hosting plan.

However, the speed of the sites on this hosting plan are terribly slow. Godaddy support told me this is to be expected of wordpress sites on the shared hosting.

We are building out new websites and want to launch them once built. We want them to run smoothly unlike on the shared hosting plan we are on now.

We are considering a VPS or maybe the business plan of shared hosting as you get more resources dedicated to you. I wanted to know if anyone could point me in the right direction. Thanks

You pay for what you get. If you need more resources, and you pay for more resources, then that’s the plan you should get.

If GoDaddy are recommending a higher level of server than you think you need, then you have cause for concern. If they aren’t, then I don’t see why to doubt what they say, as they are trying to get you to keep giving them your money, which means they want you happy, which means they try and help you get what you need.

I used and had problems with GoDaddy a long time ago and moved to a VPS. The move was quite easy because I was familiar with Linux and able to setup the server because the Web Hosting Service help was minimal. Currently I have a 1Gb memory limit and 25Gb storage that runs about 16 sites that cost measly 5USD / month!

If you use Windows and not familiar with Linux I would advise setting up a dual boot system. There are lengthy topics available on this site about how to install Linux.

The two VPS that I have used both charge 5 USD / month for 1 Gb of memory and have done for quite a few years. I am curious it any one knows of similar priced sites with more memory.

I know very little about optimizing WordPress but one thing I do know is that it is likely GoDaddy personnel will attempt to get you to use their managed WordPress plans. I am sure it is a good choice if you do not want to do the work yourself of optimizing.

I know that GoDaddy does list (at least the major) items they do to optimize their managed WordPress sites. You should at least study that list and attempt to determine if you are able and willing to do those things yourself. In the majority of situations there are advantages to doing things like that ourselves. It is worthwhile knowing what is necessary and such. One advantage of knowing how to do the optimizing yourself is that you are less dependent on them.

The following is my experience, it might not be relevant to you. I was with GoDaddy for many years. I did not like their support and their lack of expertise. They emphasize support of the majority but they are slow to implement new things like the latest PHP. For me they made no effort to fix the problem with Microsoft Web Deploy. I had been wanting to move from them for a few years. Finally they dropped support of POP mail and I was forced to find another provider of POP mail. That opened the door wide open for me to go elsewhere. I am now paying about $17 a quarter for web hosting plus $6 a quarter for email compared to about $16 dollars a month for GoDaddy. Consider remaining independent of GoDaddy.

I would not suggest using GoDaddy to my worst enemy. There are many other hosting providers that are much better, more ethical, cheaper, easier to use, and easier to work with than GoDaddy for every single service they offer. GoDaddy fails in every possible category you can judge a business or a hosting provider.

Especially if you’re looking to use VPSs. Digital Ocean, Hetzner, and OVH are all good cheap options.


I was using GoDaddy for a while, and as mentioned before, they are not great. I have since moved all my domains and hosting to UK Hosters who are based in the UK. I think its best to get it hosted locally to you and also on SSD storage.

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