Need suggestion! about my hosting plan

I am new in hosting, not have much knowledge about it. So I need suggestions from those who have multiple hosting plans experience for example, shared hosting, VPS hosting, Cloud, Dedicated etc. My website hosted on shared server at this time. I am frequently getting 60%-80% CPU uses from last 2-3 days & my site been slower. I am sharing web design inspirations on my blog section & also releasing free templates to download. According to Google Analytics I have average 3500-4000 users & 10k+ pageviews per day at this time.

I passed one year with the share hosting & hasn’t face this issue before. This is my 2nd year on the shared hosting plan. Please suggest me. As I said, I am completely new. Any suggestion will be highly appreciated.

  1. So you’re on shared hosting, and NOT on your own VPS, correct?

  2. Has your traffic increased substantially between this year and last?

On top of @jeffreylees questions:

Have you implemented any recent upgrades or changes to your site (added new features, implemented additional services)?
Are you considering moving to a new host? (if not, don’t worry about the questions below)

If you don’t mind me asking, what are you paying now a month? a year? (for hosting), what is your budget?

What do you definitely need from a host? PHP? Perl? .NET? Java? Node.js?


Answer 1: Yes
Answer 2: My traffic is increasing day by day from January 2015.


  1. No I didn’t implement any changes to my site & don’t want to moving to new hosting company.
  2. I am spending $96/year for my shared hosting.
  3. Actually I wanted to know how much traffic shared hosting can afford? At this point I mentioned above what can I do?

Thanks for your quick response anyway.

You can look at implementing CloudFlare or MaxCDN and offloading some of your assets to those CDNs. That may by you some more time on Shared Hosting. I know Digital Ocean has packages starting at $10 a month ($120/year) and there are many other options out there too, that may be “better”.

Getting your assets on a CDN will allow things to load quicker for your users, as CloudFlare and MaxCDN will serve them from a location that is closer to where your user resides. Things that would make sense on CloudFlare and MaxCDN are: JavaScript files, CSS files, and Images. Things that do not change often – as you will want them heavily cached.

It could be that the usage you are getting is showing signs of a bad database structure or a database that needs optimizations. Maybe you have a few slow running queries and you need to add indices to speed them back up or restructure the query all together.

10,000 visits a day is pretty significant, you may very well be hitting the max your shared plan can support. The above options would buy you more time, but you may need to find a better more dedicated server for your site (which means a VPS or a Dedicated Server).

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Thanks for your valuable sugggestion @cpradio.

I am already using CloudFlare which is comes with my hosing package for free & I am maintaining wordpress site for your information. What you will say if I upgrade my plan to VPS which will cost me $40/per month with 3500-4000 visitor & 10k+ pageviews/ Per Day? Is VPS plan serve my site more faster? & how much visitor can afford VPS plan?

Overall main Question is: Is Upgrading to VPS plan will be a wise decision for me? especially at this time when I am getting only 3500-4000 visitor & 10k+ pageviews / Per Day? Thanks

Hard to say. You very well could be at the limits of your shared server, at least you’ve done everything I would have done at this point to try and save it.

The only other thing I’d look into is whether you have any plugins active that are not needed and disable them. I highly doubt it will make enough of a difference, but it is worth a shot.

As far as the VPS concerns go, you are worrying about too much. Keep in mind that the best part of a VPS is that it is easily expandable. You can start low and keep adding requirements till you get the desired outcome you want. It may take a week or two to find out what the ideal settings are, but if you closely monitor it and the performance of your site, you can find it.

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I was worrying too much about this. Now I get an clear idea. Thanks for your effort. Appreciated!

I would purchase 1 VPS server and install Apache as a load balancer. Next, I’ll buy bunch of cheap hosts w/ decentralized datasource such as AMAZON Datasource( By doing this, you can always scale to your hearts content.

Here’s the the tutorial

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What you’re doing is scaling vertically such as upgrade cpu/memory/etc… You want to scale horizontally by adding a new web server. Great advantage with horizontal scale is that 1 out of 10 server could be down but your site is still functional. Of course, the downside is that maintaining 10 server is harder…typically, you just configure it once and never touch it again.

You might be right, I recently installed a plugin which is Ultimate Shortcode which I forgot to mention. I think this plugin is may calling huge SQL quaries & that’s why I getting too much CPU uses warning & my site goes slow. here I found a discussion that other peoples are also faced this issue with this plugin. Take a look. . I am deactivated the plugin & will let you know here about my site effect after deactivating Ultimate Shortcode. Thanks

This clue had worked for me. I remembered that I installed recently the Ultimate Shortcode plugin. This plugin creating huge DB quires. Last night (12 hours ago) I removed the plugin completely & think what? My server is performing just like before. My CPU uses reduce from 80% to 20% again.

Problem solved!

Thanks cpradio


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