Which comparison site is best to advertise on?

hello everyone

I’m new to ecommerce and have a store that sells health and beauty products. I currently do ppc ads on google and yahoo. I am considering shopzilla, shopping.com, nextag, bizrate, etc. Does anyone have experience with comparison ppc sites and know which one is best?

any help would be appreciated


shopping.com and pricegrabber are good. They have high traffic rate. I think pricegrabber is more organized, but noted that they don’t offer good reporting. They just report you on how many clicks for each category. As in comparison marketing you might want a detailed report like items click, ip address, and turn over rate for each items. You can try logivue.com they offers such service.

Personally I’ve used “nextag” and gives some good trackable results.

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There isn’t really a definitive answer to this since one persons experience might be totally different to yours. The key is in testing several sites, monitor, then analysing the results to see which one gives you the best return for your investment.

I agree!!! When it comes advertising, regardless of the method it is pretty much a self experience and subject to change. What works for some people does not necessarily work for everyone. I think you have to test what you think is going to work best for your site. If one thing does not serve much effect then you stop it and move on to the next.

I use the following ones: