What advertising site to use on travel forum?


First off, sorry but I didn’t know what forum to post this in, I could only see a forum for posting to market your site but not on what business to use for advertising.

I am currently using adsense for a few travel forums but it isn’t doing well…

I would like to know if anyone has experience with travel sites and who is best to use for advertising.

I don’t want to have a commission for sales as my site is mainly information and a forum for people that are living in the countries and traveling around, so I would be looking for a CPM or CPC business that does well for traveling.

Any help would really be appreciated :slight_smile:


Try bidvertiser.com (if your web site is in english). You can choose the category of the adds to display, for example: Travel.
Also, you can use both Adsense and Bidvertiser in your site.

[FONT=verdana]John, if AdSense isn’t performing well on your site, the chances are that another network won’t either. I’d suggest that, before trying another network, you try to figure out why you are not doing well with AdSense. Are the ads badly targeted? Are you seeing good ads but low click-through rates? Are you only getting low-paying ads? You need to address these questions before you make the switch.

That said, if you do decide to try another network, I suggest you implement it on part of the site, and keep AdSense on the other part. That way you will be able to compare the results and decide which option gives you the best return.


From what I know, in Adsense the adds depends also by the preferenses /searches /sites visited by the user. You cannot be sure what adds are displayed for users.
But maybe there are some techiniques that can improve the clicks rate, like position, and color of the adds.