Adword alternatives

Hello all, who can help me find any good adwords alternatives.

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There are many similar options out there from the nearly identical Bing [also manages paid for Yahoo] to Facebook which also offers a CPC model but without being limited too, or having the benefit of, intent based audiences.

Are you looking for more niche players? Additional volume? Similar but different models?

Microsoft Ad center by Bing and Yahoo Search Network by Yahoo are good alternatives and there are also CPA affiliate networks privately owned.

I dont see how ppc can make you money with so many sites doing the same thing.The best i have ever done is break even.

Not all business models will work with all forms of media but by in large PPC is an efficient way of getting qualified, purchase focused visitors. Of course if you’re looking at a single order with low margins while your competition is well established, working over the lifetime of a customer’s value and making more on an order / click you’ll have to either eat the losses or find another channel until you scale.