PPC and Affiliate programs for Ecommerce site. Head is Spinning... :(

Hey guys.

So Im looking for some information. Ive browsed these forums for many years, but it was never my thing to post here. Until now.

We have a site selling new and used widgets. The widgets have a lot of general competition, but very limited competition for the particular brand of widget and models of that widget that we sell.

So we have been using google adwords at $50/day for about 2 months now, with a very low success rate(but still some success). The account needs better management.

I am interested to find opinions on the best way to expand reach. With basically an unlimited budget(pending sales come in) we are looking at one of the affiliate networks and PPC management through one of the bigger companies. We also think we should be advertising at yahoo and at bing, but anywhere else?

Is there a better way? Should I trust these big PPC management firms like ebrandz? Anyone here manage these types of accounts? Any affiliate networks recommenced for merchants vs advertisers?

Im so new and fresh to this that its making my head spin. :frowning:
(Hopefully this is the right forum to post in for this as well)