Which cms is best for seo?

Which CMS is best for seo - Joomla or Wordpress?

I’ve never used Joomla much. Back in the day it has a pretty bad reputation of security. Everybody was using it, just not me :stuck_out_tongue:

That being said my response is likely to be biased, but I would have to say WordPress.

I use SEOProcessor and SEO Yoast for my top SEO plug-ins for WordPress. Using these two the sky if your limit. Apart from that I recommend you use Domain Samurai for a carefully selected domain.

I hope this helps.

No CMS is inherently better at SEO than any other. If it renders content then it will get picked up by search engines.

Sure, some have fancy plugins, but these will provide very small benefits.

No CMS is going to rank better than another just because it is Wordpress, Joomla, or whatever.

That being said, Wordpress + Thesis Theme (DIYThemes) = Awesome SEO

It has just about every functionality you would want for SEO prebuilt including Google Authorship and Microformatting. Thesis is also flexible enough that you can design literally ANY website using Thesis if you try hard enough.

I am so fond of this theme, I won’t even post an affiliate link :slight_smile:


:eek2: I should hope not! Affiliate links are not allowed anywhere in the forums. :nono:[/ot]

Noted, I didn’t plan on using any, that was my attempt at a joke haha (I’m not very funny)

That’s like asking which colour car can fly the fastest. Joomla and wordpress are the colours, CMS is one type of car and seo is flying.


It’s OK - I understood that. I was just making sure other folk knew the rules, too. :slight_smile: It’s amazing how few members seem to read them …[/ot][/FONT]

SEOTOASTER, it’s free and open source like WP. Difference is SEO is embedded, so it works very nicely out of the box without plugin. My business is local so I like the automated KML file creation which helps with Google Earth, Map, mobile and seems to improve rankings with local search.

For the record, this looks like it’s your website. Self-promotion is fine when it’s relevant, but it’s always a good idea to say if a website is yours.

However, there is little information provided, and the kind of services that use KML data don’t directly help SEO.

I think Wordpress is pretty much so configurable that it is difficult to find something that is much better SEO-wise. But then I am quite biased since I am a huge Wordpress fan.

I’d argue that it is less SEO than other CMS’s. The reason for this is because the only realistic way of adding this is by adding a plugin, whereas a developer is likely to pick a real CMS and will be able to add all of this functionality very easily themselves.

I said above that no CMS is better at SEO than another, but I would probably say that WordPress is worse than the rest, because its reliance on plugins makes it harder to modify. A developer is far more likely to use a different CMS, and would be capable of making any changes easily to benefit SEO.

Below video may answer the question, during WordCamp san francisco 2009 Matt Cutts mention that wordpress CMS is great mechanism to handle 90% of SEO issue.

Bear in mind this was at WordCamp, a conference all about WordPress. He’s hardly going to slate WordPress.

Agree, the video cant provide a very solid answer. Secondly the video is take on 2009, technologies is keep changing, Joomla could do better for now.

But if we compare the CMS trending, most webmaster more prefer wordpress. With those facts, I believe wordpress slightly deliver better platform for customization, SEO and rich plugin resources.


A lot of webmasters use WordPress because it is simple, not because it is the best CMS. It’s not even a CMS really. If you compare the feature set of WordPress to a real CMS then you see WordPress flagging behind by a lot. Hell, marketing a tool as a CMS when it doesn’t even cache as default is criminal. CMS’s across the board have been doing this for the best part of a decade. Don’t even get me started on WordPress’ move into becoming an application framework.

A lot of people say that WordPress is the best because there are loads of plugins to help with SEO, but a real CMS will only manage your content. Umbraco has been able to do this for years, and whenever it has been needed I have just added an additional field into a document type. It’s fully extendable because that’s the nature of a true CMS. Every single CMS I’ve used over the past five years has been able to do EVERYTHING that the average WordPress install can do, and a lot more.

The only reason WordPress is touted as good as anything is because developers that cannot use a real CMS will use it. WordPress is by far the best blogging tool there is, but it is a truly awful CMS. I’d think twice about hiring a developer that solely uses WordPress if I were looking for a Web Developer to work with PHP, because it’s very likely that they will be unable to actually build anything.

I do agree your point, not all the developer have good knowledge in programming, so they use a ready made CMS. But at the same time, there are lot of advance user using wordpress to manage their content. When millions of developer contribute their knowledge to open source, it reduce site owner time on R&D, especially for small business they don’t have budget to hiring developer. The successful of wordpress not because of plugin nor easy to use, but their marketing strategic is great, they manage to attract community.

There should be no “best CMS” in the world, because it is subjective to individual requirement. If we back to question on Joomla VS WordPress for SEO, which one you vote? (Comparison on average users usage, technologies and popularity)

I love Wordpress because it makes developing websites very easy and scaleable. I create very custom designs (usually with Thesis 2.0 or a ThemeForest theme which I heavily modify using CSS and/or PHP), and it allows for me to create just about any website in 10-14 days. Some large projects take a little bit longer, but we have never had a web design turnaround longer than 45 days.

Our company’s fast turn around time has won us loads of business because most web design companies in our area tell their clients to expect the design/development process to take at least 3-6 months (I have heard quotes of up to 18 months!). Once we agree in principle to work with a company, we usually give them 2-4 styles (psd’s that take about 20 minutes each) to choose from and tell them to expect the site to be ready for review in 2-3 weeks.

I have used several other CMS’s (Joomla, Pyro, etc), but I strongly prefer Wordpress. It’s not because I am lazy or because no one in our company knows how to code; as a company, we are best at sending targeted traffic to a website, and we like to finish up the design and begin sending traffic as soon as possible.

The speed at which Wordpress allows us to crank out new websites has presented us with a lot of opportunities and turned into a lot of direct revenue.

I personally like wordpress better than Joomla or any other platforms.

I have used them in few of my websites and they are ranking better though i have not used other platforms too much or not did the seo on that websites

Wordpress plugins are good and minimize most of the seo tasks.

I am sure joomla too has that extensions but I am not sure if they have that many different plugins as WordPress

The question is rather meaningless as SEO and CMS are completely unrelated. It is effectively like asking what filling for the sandwich you have for lunch will make your car run more efficiently.

The CMS provides the framework into which you put your content - it is that content that matters for SEO and not the framework you place it in.